Examples of interesting startups – 37 startups from around the world

The most intriguing and successful startups that you’ve never ever heard of. Startups that hail from Russia, Europe, America, and Asia. The concept of a startup can be fully manifested in the operations that are carried out by AMMA. AMMA company, which created the technology of pregnancy monitoring. Today, more than 2 million women are using the service. Forbes … Read more

Insider Trading – Live Examples

How can you tell if insider trading is illegal? And what is the reason it is prohibited. Some examples for insider trading-related scandals. American senators saved millions of dollars after they discovered secret information regarding the imminent risk of the pandemic for the world economy. On the same day they sold their shares to the stock market … Read more

Stock terms and slang that every trader need to know

Being familiar with the terminology and trading jargon will allow you to comprehend what experts in the field are discussing. Terminology and definitive The most basic definitions and terms are commonly used within the financial market. Transactions with addresses are transactions executed directly between bidders based on an agreement between them, not via a trading platform. … Read more

Forex Correlation – Tables and Trading Strategies

Trading on the relationship between currencies on Forex Strategies and Examples, as well as calculation features and additional services. How to earn money from the currency pair correlation. Between several assets there is a positive or negative feedback relationship, this phenomenon is known as the correlation phenomenon in Forex. The idea of a relationship between the actions … Read more

Best Dividend Stocks in 2022 with High Payouts

Dividends represent the percentage of net profits that the company shares with its shareholders. In order to receive dividends, it is necessary to follow the following formula choose a licensed brokerage company, create an account for a brokerage with it, buy dividend shares, and then wait for the dividend to be credited automatically to your account. … Read more

Which stocks pay dividends every month

Dividends are the portion of net profit which is paid out to shareholders. They are paid from net income that remains after the tax and capital expenditures. Investors receive pro-rata dividends on his shares. The amount to be recommended as well as the procedure for payment are decided in the direction of the Board of Directors in line … Read more

4 cryptocurrencies with practical applications

There are over 1000 cryptocurrencies on the market. the cryptocurrency market is free and decentralized and no one is able to control it through market levers, thus the exchange rate of one particular currency is dependent on the outcome of the initiative that it was created for. Unfortunately, of the thousands of startup companies, just … Read more