Yandex will tell schoolchildren about modern technologies at the 8-bit festival

Yandex will organize the first 8-bit online festival for school children interested in new technologies, science and future professions. Attendees will learn what developers and scientists are doing today, and tech enthusiasts can continue their training at the free Yandex Academy. The festival will be held from September 5 to 11.

Yandex will tell schoolchildren about modern technologies at the 8-bit festival

The festival program includes performances by prominent Yandex experts. Alexander Krainov, director of artificial intelligence technology development at Yandex, will give a lecture on how artificial intelligence learns. Yandex Market Creative Director Daniil Trabun will talk about virtual fashion design using machine learning and creativity. Yegor Filippov, Deputy Director of Yandex Music, will explain why people love music tracks from a smart speaker, and Nikolai Glazyrin, Senior Developer of Yandex Media Services, will tell you how to create generative melodies.

Additionally, ITMO Art and Science Center science communicator Katerina Yudaeva will talk about the tools of art and design for visualizing scientific data, and zoologist Ilya Gomyranov will explain how ants and bees help create more efficient robots. Yandex linguist and scientist Boris Iomdin will explain how a person communicates with a computer, and Yandex weather manager Alexander Ganshin will show how algorithms and satellites help predict precipitation and other weather phenomena.

Participants will not only be able to listen to the lectures of Yandex employees and science popularizers, but also communicate with them on Discord, complete assignments, participate in a quiz, score points and receive prizes from the Alpina Non- Fiction. The 8-bit festival will end with a party in the Yandex Academy metaverse on the Roblox platform. In the metaworld, you can walk around the virtual office of Yandex, participate in quizzes and creative contests.

“Our festival will allow children to learn firsthand what is happening in the world of new technologies, the tasks that researchers are working on at the moment and the developments that will be on everyone’s lips in a few years”, says Svetlana Bochaver , Product Manager at Yandex Academy. — “8-Bit” participants will be able to communicate with people who advance the industry and broaden their horizons. We believe that the desire to learn new things is the most important skill that will help today’s students prepare for the technological future.

To participate in the 8-bit festival, you must register on the site.

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