Xiaomi showed a CyberOne humanoid robot

The Chinese company Xiaomi is taking confident steps in the development of robotics. As sure as his steps CyberOne’s first humanoid robot. The novelty was shown at the presentation, which took place on August 11. The robot can walk and communicate with people, carrying on the conversation on a variety of topics. In addition, he is able to distinguish up to 45 shades of human emotions. This allows him to better understand the context of the conversation and answer questions in a more meaningful way.

Xiaomi showed a CyberOne humanoid robot

The machine has a height of 117 centimeters and a weight of 52 kilograms. The speed of its movement is not high and is 3.6 km / h. In the hands of the robot can carry small objects. For example, during the presentation, he brought and presented the company’s head, Lei Jun, with a flower. The basis of the robot’s movements in space was the proprietary Mi Sense technology, which allows three-dimensional scanning of the room at every step. If there are people nearby, the robot will accurately detect their presence.

The company is not going to sell CyberOne. It will serve as a research platform. In the future, such robots can be good household helpers. However, now the development is not yet “smart” enough to become a commercial product. Xiaomi is not going to stop there and intends to actively develop this area of ​​activity. It is possible that in the foreseeable future we will see more advanced androids developed by the specialists of this brand.

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