Wildberries plans to change brand name to Russian

Yesterday, August 15, the word “Berries” appeared on the Wildberries website, and today it has become the same as before. So far, it is only a test to change the company’s internal name on the official website. At first, calls from journalists went unanswered, then a representative from the website said the company was considering the possibility of a name change.

Wildberries plans to change the brand name to Russian

It is assumed that in the future Wildberries will change the brand name to Russian. It all started with the fact that Denis Manturov, who holds the post of Minister of Industry and Trade, noticed that foreign names predominated in Russian retail. Some companies, including Wildberries, have reflected on the manager’s remarks.

Wildberries plans to change the brand name to Russian

However, a sudden name change can hurt the business. Now, the Russian public already associates online shopping with Wildberries, and a rebranding can negatively impact sales. What we are seeing now can be seen as preparation for more drastic measures. The official press release indicates that it is part of an advertising campaign. However, whether the rebrand will be made, the company has neither confirmed nor denied.

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