Which stocks pay the highest dividends in 2022

A rising share price isn’t the only thing that can yield profits. Another crucial indicator, particularly for investors from Russia, is the dividend payout. Russian investor is the dividend payout.

Based on the Moscow Stock Exchange, of the top 10 most viewed Russian companies listed on the exchange which are frequently purchased by investors, 8 pay dividends regularly.

The dividends are appealing to many and some investors create portfolios solely based on these dividends. In this list, we decided to figure out which stocks have the most dividends. In order to calculate the dividends, we’ve taken into account big emitters whose capitalization is not below 50 million rubles and left out only those that transferred payments to shareholders with no interruptions over the last five years.


The dividend yields for each firm are calculated based on the financial group’s revenue data. This is an estimate of the cumulative payouts in the coming twelve months.

What is the dividend yield?

It is the ratio of the dividend per share and its value for a specific time as well as the value averaged over a long time.

Let’s say that you purchased shares at 100 rubles. The amount of the payment, based on an order of the directors’ board was 10 rubles. This means that the dividend payout is 10 10%. If the cost of the paper drops to, for instance, 50 rubles, your dividend yield will rise to 20% since you’ll receive 10 rubles for each share. In the event of a price decrease, you’ll lose some of the put into the fund. Thus, investors should not solely concentrate on the existence of dividends It is important to be aware of other performance indicators for the business.

High Dividend Stocks

Investors are attracted to dividend companies due to the fact that they provide regular income that is not affected in any way by the fluctuation of prices. However, in 2022 after the crisis due to the geopolitical war in Ukraine, certain Russian companies decided to stop the dividends. Some of them only announced it but didn’t make an official decision, while some decided to cancel it entirely.

Let’s take a look at companies that pay huge dividends. In addition to the name, there is the yield and the information on the graphs are the historical payout history per share.

Norilsk Nickel – 10.88%

The company is known for its generous dividends and is located in an ever-growing market, where there is a demand for nickel in light of the growing trend of electric automobiles. Nickel is utilized in the production of batteries.

Management is however looking to cut back on payments to allocate more money towards the development of production, higher production levels, and a plan to reduce carbon footprint. The same argument was repeated repeatedly by the CEO of the company, Vladimir Potanin.

NLMK – 12.33%

Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works makes share payments on a quarterly basis. The company had listed them for a long time and stably, but in 2022, due to the current economic situation, the board of directors recommended abandoning the dividends for the 4th quarter of 2021 and the 1st quarter of 2022. There is no final decision on this issue yet, but the risk of cancellation exists.

PhosAgro – 12.46%

Shares of this fertilizer producer became one of the leaders in growth after trading halted on the Moscow Stock Exchange in February-March 2022. The company is benefiting from increased demand for fertilizer from the share of agricultural enterprises. Moreover, no sanction has yet been announced against him.

Mechel (preferred shares) – 12.54%

Mechel is a coal producer that has been paying continuous dividends since 2012, but its size momentum is far from stable. In 2022, the consequences of EU sanctions should not affect the company’s activities much. The volume that has been calculated for the European market can be redirected to other buyers.

Gazprom Neft – 12.82%

In 2021, the company achieved record key financial results due to increased demand for oil. Against this backdrop, investors received the highest stock dividends ever. Management has said it wants to increase them further, as well as maintain the practice of interim payments.

Surgutneftegaz (preferred shares) – 13.76%

The company generated about 50% of its revenue by selling oil to European buyers, but due to sanctions in 2022, it began to experience problems with the sale of certain lots. Therefore, it is now forced to rebuild its supply chains. During this period, Surgutneftegaz is able to support its foreign exchange reserve fund, which the company began to accumulate in the 2000s.

Severstal – 13.95%

The company pays dividends quarterly but, like NLMK, plans to phase them out in the fourth quarter of 2021. It will take time to rebuild supply chains due to the government’s steel import ban. ‘European Union.

Rosneft – 14.05%

Rosneft is one of the few oil companies that can confidently endure the consequences of sanctions restrictions. A large number of buyer countries from Asia are playing in its favor, establishing supplies to China and redirecting the volumes of oil that were destined for Europe to India.

FGC SEU – 16.53%

The more expensive the stock, the higher the dividend

The Federal Electric Grid Company is considered one of the best in its industry in terms of dividends. The average stock dividend yield over the five years was 8.62%. True, payment statistics are not as long as others – they have been received by shareholders without interruption since 2014.


This company belongs to Russian Dividend Aristocrats. The dividend policy and management position of MTS calls for always transferring payments to shareholders. Therefore, even in times of crisis, for example, in 2014, the company tried not to reduce them.

Polymetal – 17.09%

A Russian gold mining company that sells most of its gold in Russia, as well as in Kazakhstan, where it has several deposits. European countries accounted for approximately 6% of precious metals sales. Although the volume of trade with Europe is low, Polymetal believes that the business environment has changed considerably and has therefore postponed the decision on payment to August 2022.

Tatneft (preferred shares) – 18.44%

Tatneft management said the crisis situation in 2022 is manageable, but it takes time to find growth points. The company will focus on Russian consumers and continue to develop projects in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and North Africa.

Alrosa – 18.51%

The world’s largest diamond producer faces US sanctions over gemstone imports. However, the company sold few products directly to the United States. Transactions before the restrictions mainly went through India, Belgium, Israel and Hong Kong.

Children’s World – 18.64%

The children’s retailer recently paid dividends but hasn’t canceled them once since 2017. Moreover, each year the company increased the amount of compensation.

Gazprom – 22.01%

Due to high gas prices in Europe, which is Gazprom’s main market, the company posted record results in terms of net profit in 2021. Against this backdrop, it is expected to pay the biggest dividends ever.

At the same time, the company is under pressure due to geopolitical risks and the intentions of some European countries to refuse to buy Russian gas. Over the next 3-5 years, this could lead to serious supply cuts.

To avoid risks, Gazprom will develop cooperation with China and other Asian countries, and also focus on the domestic market.

Lukoil – 23.44%

The oil company Lukoil is one of the most responsible for payments on the Russian stock market. He increases them regularly and tries to maintain a high dividend yield.

MMK – 25.53%

The Magnitogorsk Steel Plant pays dividends four times a year. Unlike other metallurgists, he decided to keep them for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Why big dividends aren’t the most important thing

The securities market has different dividend strategies. Most often, such stocks are chosen by investors who are ready to hold them and not sell them for a long time, despite crises and market fluctuations. They focus on an attractive dividend yield but do not forget the valuation of the company’s activity.

It is important for the organization to develop, and launch new products, and increase its profits and income. After all, dividends are distributed if the company makes money and does not suffer losses. Simply put, dividends are the share of a company’s profits that it distributes among its shareholders.

A company transfers dividends when the board of directors and major shareholders are convinced that they cannot benefit from the reinvestment of profits in the company. This is why they are more often paid by large, mature companies that control large market shares and operate successfully. Young people and those growing up usually invest their income in development.

Dividends are affected not only by the age of the organization but also by the industry in which it operates. In some regions, this practice is easier to implement than in others. For example, in the utility sector, where companies have predictable cash flows. Issuers that work in the technology sectors of the economy have fewer dividends, but their stocks can rise more.

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