where to watch movies now?

Alternatives to Netflix and Megogo in Russia: where to watch movies now?

On March 7, 2022, Netflix left Russia, announcing the suspension of production of all domestic projects and the operation of the service itself in principle. At the same time, the Ukrainian online cinema Megogo left the country. And if the content of the second could be easily found on the Internet, then the original Netflix projects were only officially available there. We discuss 7 alternatives to streaming services that have left Russia with experts from big data platform Caltat.


We agree that Kinopoisk is the best streaming service today. The collection of the resource includes more than 7,000 films and series from Russian and foreign studios. You can start watching a series or movie on one device and continue on another. And from the same place where you left off. Likewise, the possibility of downloading episodes of series is available and there are free promotional codes that allow you not to pay a subscription for a certain period of time.


Here you will only have access to national programs, series and films, but in very good quality. The platform also has special projects. Our favorites, for example, were “Old” and “IP Pirogov”. The subscription will cost from 250 rubles per month.

media library

This service is suitable for those who wish to watch series with official dubbing. The subscription will cost 600 rubles per month. There is also a free trial period which lasts for 7 days.


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Ivi lets you play content in 4K, HDR, FHD, as well as 5.1. The service offers various selections of films and series. Additionally, there is a section with news related to the film industry. The subscription will cost about 400 rubles per month.


The service offers viewing not only movies, series, but also various shows. You can also pre-order new movies, not yet released, as well as rent a movie. A standard subscription costs about 6,000 rubles per year, which is 500 – per month.


The More.tv website largely features content produced by CTC Media, online shows from national TV stations, as well as an extensive library of content from Channel One, VGTRK and structures of the National Media Group. Foreign films and recordings of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) mixed martial arts tournaments are also available.


When you access Premier, you get everything available on TNT TV and Gazprom-Media owned channels. A subscription here will cost you 200 rubles per month.

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