What’s been happening in cryptocurrency over the past year?

The market for cryptocurrency is growing at a rapid pace. In the near future, cryptocurrency will be utilized all over the world. It’s going to be challenging for those who haven’t paid enough attention to it to navigate the new digital world.

The state of the cryptocurrency market is rapidly changing. Some are becoming popular as well as their growing and increasing in users and others, on contrary, are struggling and do not have the time to recover. The mindset of the authorities in the United States is changing as well. There is a person who supports the creation of cryptocurrency and another is trying to get charge of it.

The general rule is that changes occur constantly and it’s important to know at the very least the most important happenings in the market for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency growth statistics

It is important to talk about cryptocurrencies that are gaining or losing value, and the rates increased or decreased as predicted or in a surprising manner. This is among the most important factors, even perhaps the most significant.

In the year 2020, the most profitable cryptocurrency was the one called Hedera Hashgraph, whose value has grown by 214 percent. The top five included Streamr (185 percent), Datum (168%), Numeraire (163%), and Kyber Network (149 percent).

The one with the most negative performance in the year 2014 was Recover. which has lost around 3.5 months or 62 percent. This is the lowest percentage of the year but it’s far from the only cryptocurrency that is above 50 percent. Altcoins like Bread (-53 percent), FunFair (-51%), Grin (-50%), and Beam (-50 percent) were also hit with huge losses.

If you are lucky enough to catch a huge fish, bitcoins will fall to 3.5 percent over the past 3.5 months, before reaching $6900. In the same way the rate of the most powerful altcoin Ethereumup is 22 percent at $159 U.S. dollars.

Nationwide Cryptocurrencies

While the world has accepted the impact of cryptocurrency and is slowly beginning to incorporate it into daily routine, Russia considers such actions to be in violation of the law. The amendments to the law of the Federal Republic regarding digital financial assets are expected to be approved shortly. The document introduces strict restrictions on the transfer of cryptocurrency. The biggest issue is miners since they are prohibited from receiving compensation for their work with cryptocurrency, which is in contradiction not just to the tenets of blockchain but also to processing mining itself. This function involves withdrawing earned cash to your bank account.

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If a violation is found the amendments people could be punished with fines of as high as 100,000 rubles and up to seven years in prison, and legal entities could be penalized up to one million rubles.

In the meantime, it is also the case that it is also apparent that the Danish Foreign Ministry is planning something that is more beneficial and vital for society. For instance, it is that the Danish government plans to utilize blockchain technology to combat corruption. The government will explain the concept using the potential of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies, for instance:

  • Security of documents that are public such as certificates, certificates, etc.
  • Transfer of money into the account of someone who doesn’t possess an identity card or an account with a bank.
  • The placement of property records in a common database.

Through these opportunities, The Danish Foreign Ministry hopes to stop corruption in the country.

Kazakhstan which is a neighbor of Russia is currently working to expand this business and is also ready to invest $700 million in mining. There are currently 14 cryptocurrency farms operating in Kazakhstan and over time have produced the sum of $200 million. These plans were revealed by the new Minister for Digital Development, who also said that work on building four additional cryptocurrency-based mining facilities is already in the process of being established.

It is fourth on the global hash rate ranking created by the University of Cambridge. The leader on the list is China (65 percent) and is immediately followed by the United States (7.2%), Russia (6.9%), and Kazakhstan (6.1 %).

Enterprise-scale cryptocurrencies

The altcoin and bitcoin have become well-known that major businesses and even corporations are beginning to incorporate them into their transaction volume and much more.

For instance, a major insurance provider in Switzerland began accepting bitcoins and Ethereum. The company Atupri health insurance is the first business in Switzerland to accept cryptocurrency. But, it must be pointed out that the business does not operate with cryptocurrency. She has been working with Bitcoin Suisse, which will manage all transactions as well as convert funds into a currency that is common.

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The world-renowned car maker BMW did not also evade blockchain technology. BMW is planning to develop an application that will protect its clients from counterfeits with blockchain technology. The application will contain all information about the vehicle such as mileage, repairs, other services, etc. It is important to note that, as of the year 2018 the company accepts cryptocurrency to purchase vehicles, spare parts, or services.

The highly promising project that was the brainchild of Pavel Durov closed in 2020 The promising project of Pavel Durov was closed in 2020. The project is a secured proxy anonymizer that is built-in to Darknet. The concept was built on blockchain technology. A large sum of money has been committed to the development. Actually, TON was supposed to be a cryptocurrency that was created to support Telegram However, the venture failed.


There has been a lot of change over the last year. Certain cryptocurrencies have risen in value, while others have dropped. Certain countries have begun investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency development, while some are introducing new regulations. However, you must realize the fact that Bitcoin and Altcoins won’t be going anywhere.

The world is rapidly changing and so is exchange, cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology in itself. In the near future, Bitcoin and other altcoins will be utilized not just by large companies and corporations but, also by smaller pizzerias and businesses everywhere. Don’t wait until this happens, it’s better to prepare for it now.

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