Treasure Island’s Dr. Livesey has become an English-speaking internet meme

The Western Internet suddenly fell in love with the character of Dr. Livesey from the Soviet cartoon Treasure Island. The cartoon is based on the novel of the same name by Robert Stevenson. And it was directed by David Cherkassky at Kievnauchfilm studio.

Dr. Livesey of

The new popularity of Doctor Livesey began in July with a viral tiktok, where the track GHOSTFACE PLAYA – WHY NOT was superimposed on a fragment of a cartoon with a characteristic animation of the character, and so beloved by users. The video begins with a quote from the cartoon “The word rum and the word death mean the same thing to you.” It turned out to be very effective.


The video has become a template for new tiktok, on a variety of topics. But later the track and animation of Dr. Livesey’s confident procession went beyond TikTok and became the inspiration for new creativity, for example here:

The animation artists create their characters and give them the walk of Dr. Livesey:

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Characters from Nintendo’s popular Kirby platform game franchise, brought to life by Dr. Livesey:

In general, many examples of beautiful creativity can be found by the hashtag #drlivesey on Twitter.

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