The Vostochny Cosmodrome will be guarded by the robot Marker

The use of robotic systems to protect important facilities has long been considered by many Russian companies and departments. Now, this idea has every chance of being realized thanks to the development of the NGO Android Technology. We are talking about the innovative robot “Marker”, presented at the international forum “Army-2022“. At the same time, the developers showed two versions at once – tracked and wheeled.

The cosmodrome

Representatives interested in the novelty Roscosmos. He’s supposed to use a robot to protect the perimeter of the spaceport.”Oriental“. The tests of the wheeled model have already passed, and the “Marker” has shown everything it is capable of. It managed to cope not only with direct protection, but also demonstrated the ability to quickly identify and intercept In addition, the complex successfully repels attacks, including those carried out using drones.

One of the main advantages ofMarker penhas become its autonomy, obtained thanks to an innovative vision system. The neural network platform is built on a modular basis and operates stably in a variety of scenarios. At the same time, the complex is capable of operating up to 60 hours without refueling on a hybrid power plant with a fuel consumption of 3 l/100 km and a large capacity on-board battery. The installation weighs about 3 tons and can be equipped with a wide variety of small arms. It is also possible to install missiles and drones.

The cosmodrome

The robotic complex “Marker” can be successfully used as a system air defense to repel drone attacks. The platform equipment includes the latest radar module, which collects and transmits the coordinates of air targets to the firing module. And due to the fact that it can spin at speeds of up to 360 degrees per second, the robot is able to fend off attacks. UAVs from different directions.

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