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The trick to rescuing a plant in poor condition

Have you bought beautiful green plants but they didn’t last long? Indeed, certain houseplants can quickly suffer from poor light or direct sunlight, a lack of moisture or excessive humidity, or even too much or insufficient watering with hard water. Their leaves or flowering tops then lose all their beauty. You don’t have to be limited to succulent (or succulent) varieties! We’ve come up with a grandmother’s recipe to save a plant in poor condition with the only tool, a blender, to help you accomplish this ingenious trick. The ingredients used contain nutrients that are known to promote plant growth. This super homemade fertilizer gives plants that really need it a second life!

What do you need :

  • 1 mixer
  • 2 banana peels
  • 1 cup of coffee grounds
  • Eggshells

Measures to rescue a plant in poor condition:

1 / First mix all the ingredients into a mass in a blender

2 / Then pour the mixture into the ground of your flower pots directly on the base. Count around tablespoon for a small plant and two or three tablespoons for your larger pots.

3 / Then you need to maintain adding this mixture once a week your plants pot. You can also put in potting soil when you notice that your indoor or outdoor green plant is starting to wither and be in poor condition.

Even more effective than compost for plant care, it gives shrubs, cacti, flowering plants (white flowers, etc.) and potted plants a good boost. This is ideal when the plant is visibly dying and you don’t know how to react! You can also water them a water enriched with banana peel give them a little strength. When there are a few clay balls at the bottom of the pot, they benefit fully and for a long time, while benefiting from good drainage. Friend gardener, you no longer need products purchased from garden centers to showcase lush vegetation in your small interior!

Do you own orchids but don’t have a green thumb? Check out our gardening tips for caring for it and achieving beautiful flowering. Plant maintenance no longer has secrets for you!