The Midjourney neural network created an old-school browser game

Neural networks are increasingly intertwined with culture and art. At first they helped with photos and clips. Now things have gone even further – Twitter user Nao_u has released a browser game with graphics drawn entirely by Midjourney.

The game itself is not very interesting. This is an ordinary 2D arcade shooter made over the knee in three days. You fly in a fighter plane and shoot other planes and giant bugs (what does that have to do with bugs?). The game doesn’t always follow hits exactly, enemies move randomly, control is also quite poor.

But the gameplay in such things is a side issue. More important is the very fact of the appearance of such a game (especially since it is free). After all, to draw all the elements, it was not necessary to hire a single designer.

All you have to do is make a few requests to the neural network and it will draw an entire city that sparkles in the background. Yes, and she generated monsters, and even a logo.

Certainly, the author faced some limitations. First, it failed to separate the elements from the background. Nao_u wanted to bring the clouds to the foreground and the buildings in the middle to give the image a 3D look. But the neural network is not yet very suitable for such a task.

Second, the character sprites are not animated here. If only planes remained among the enemies, there would be no problems. But the author also added large beetles, whose legs are motionless. At least seems strange.

These limitations, like the lack of animation, severely limit the possibilities of creating games. Because even a moving person cannot be drawn – static images are only suitable for certain text quests or short stories.

But in any case, even such small steps in the future can be beneficial for games. After all, creating textures and models is almost the most expensive process in game development. And even if AI does not yet replace professional game designers, it will soon be able to simplify their work.

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