The five most common errors in an ATM

With the introduction of a large number of sanctions against Russia and its citizens, the latter began to use ATMs more actively. Yes, now many people prefer to use “cash”, although it cannot be compared in terms of convenience with contactless payment methods. Users are very often makes mistakeswhich can cost them not only money, but also a good reputation. You need to be more responsible and understand that everything that happens at the ATM is necessarily recorded.

The Five Most Common ATM Mistakes

So many are “sinners” in this withdraw money from other people’s cards. Well, of course, not cards from strangers, but cards from loved ones. And there is no problem with that. Parents trust their children and that, of course, is right. But you must be careful. It is enough to study the example when an Asian girl approached the queue at the ATM and asked to withdraw money. It was obvious that she was “not a local” and, moreover, she did not understand Russian well and had poor eyesight. A sympathetic man helped her and removed all the money from the card. A few weeks later, he became a suspect in a fraud case.

When approaching an ATM, make sure the previous client ended the session self service. Usually this is done by clicking the “Cancel” button. If you don’t, you can pay off the scammer’s phone. Indeed, the replenishment operations of a mobile telephone account consist of entering a number and only then inserting a bank card and entering a PIN code. Be careful!

You can’t take someone else’s never. Even if no one sees! You may find a sum of money in an ATM that someone else has just forgotten in a hurry. You will be surprised, but sometimes people forget quite large sums of money. If you remove them, it will be considered theft, and sooner or later the thief will be found anyway. For this, a recording from the ATM’s built-in camera will be used.

Also people also forget their cards. In this case, you must remember again that taking someone else’s is unacceptable. The correct options for the development of the situation are to contact the bank or wait for the ATM to “swallow” the card that has become ownerless for some time. But, taking the card, you can get yourself a lot of trouble. It can be left by scammers to accuse such a thief of stealing their money.

And people are extremely neglect their PIN codes. For example, the visually impaired can ask a neighbor to take turns dialing the number. Others admit the possibility that the code was read by outsiders. And there are originals that write the combination of codes on the card itself or on a piece of paper. In all these cases, you can provide access to your card to third parties, and the first step towards this will be taken if the PIN code is no longer a secret.

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