the concept car has a screen instead of a floor

Luxury brand Ford Lincoln is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its first Model L luxury car with a new concept vehicle. The L100, as the new concept is called, shows what the luxury car of the future could look like.

Lincoln Model L100: the concept car has a screen instead of a floor

Futurism inside and out

There are many innovations in the L100 model. As a fully autonomous vehicle, the L100 leads the way for the brand. The car, of course, is powered by “new generation” batteries. The high energy density frees up a lot of space in the cabin, which the designers have designed as futuristic as the exterior.

The emphasis is on a sleek design, the car is low. To get in or out, not only do the doors open automatically, but the entire roof of the car folds down.

Control center instead of steering wheel

The interactive control center on the center console replaces the steering wheel and is designed to make driving intuitive and easy. The seats can be arranged both in the traditional way and in such a way that the passengers sit opposite each other. The “Digital Floor” consists of a display that can simulate different moods depending on the mood of the driver or passengers.

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