The blogging engineer presented an exoskeleton for… snakes

An interesting development was presented by a blogger from the United States. The man maintains his YouTube channel, where he shows original engineering ideas. This time he presented a snake exoskeleton. The most interesting thing is that during the “trials” the reptile showed no desire to run away.

The engineer-blogger presented an exoskeleton for... snakes

Structurally, the exoskeleton is a tube. Sensitive sensors are attached to its inner face. They control the manipulators-legs located on both sides. The snake’s body is not fixed inside, it is left to itself.

The legs were made using a 3D printer. They are driven by two compact servomotors. The gait of a snake in an exoskeleton copies the movements of lizards. The inventor deemed this appropriate, based on the fact that they are the closest relatives of snakes.

So far, the exoskeleton only allows you to move forward.

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