The best games to earn bitcoins

The price of bitcoin skyrocketed towards the end of 2017, and virtually everyone on the internet began looking for ways to acquire at the very least one cryptocurrency. Many traders, both real and cloud miners, and users who received several Satoshi faucets were spotted. There were those who wanted to make money playing Bitcoin games that are based on the blockchain of the currency or else connected to it. The majority of projects offer players the cryptocurrency needed to play games and achieve results. Today, we’ll examine the most well-known game that uses cryptocurrency, where you earn bitcoins or other coins.

TOP 5 Bitcoin Games

Genesis Spells

One of the most popular and engaging games that are connected to the standard Bitcoin blockchain. Players are transported into the world of Moonga in which they fight. While the battle progresses it is possible to earn Bitcoins through making important industrial structures, as well as collecting card packs to increase your skills.

The currency that is used in the game is Bitcrystals tokens that were created on the basis of Counterparty and are stored inside the Bitcoin database. Crystals are used in the game itself , for certain transactions or purchases as well as offered on third-party sites, such as exchanging sites or exchangers. Bitcrystals is a fully-fledged cryptocurrency that can be traded in exchange for Bitcoin and other altcoins. Since the year 2016, Spells of Genesis can be played using the browser.


A well-known public server for the Minecraft game that allows bitcoin mining to be accessible. The game allows players the opportunity to earn bitcoins by themselves. BitQuest’s economic system is built on Emeralds that are scattered across the map, or “drop” from slain monsters. Each emerald is rewarded in Satoshi. To acquire them, the user must put the emeralds they find in a particular chest, and then the server will send the appropriate amount of cryptocurrency to the account chosen from the player. Xapo Wallet.

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Spark Profit

It allows the user to be a true trader and to predict changes in the market trend. Points are awarded to those who make accurate predictions. These points can be transferred to a cryptocurrency or fiat account. According to the program’s creators the game, you could earn as much as $100 in exchange to make a correct prediction, however, judging from the feedback of the users, very only a handful of people have earned greater than 12 dollars per week by playing the bitcoin game that allows cash withdrawal. Cash with no investment.

Satoshi Quiz

The app will pay the player for the information. Satoshiquiz operates as a quiz and costs a set quantity of Satoshi for every right answer. There are various categories and levels of difficulty for questions (hard and easy questions are selected randomly). In a group-based game the participants are given 60 seconds to answer the question, which is the form of a single 20.


It works on the same principles like Pokemon and to gather Bitcoin items, players must travel to specific locations. Once you have connected all of the elements, you will gain a whole space. It is a fun game and comes with other options:

  • The online version is available and single game
  • Tools, weapons and ammunition are available;
  • The items can be searchedfor, but they could also be stolen from other players similar to how other players may take items from users (except secure areas in which you can conceal what you discover).

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Promising projects built on Ethereum


The first blockchain-based game that is fully-fledged that is requested by players and actively supported by gamers. The prices of “kittens” that can be raised in the application decrease constantly because of the limitations of the app. In other regions there is no way to be in a position to earn money with no investing; you’ll have to pay for the first pet back to Ethereum.


A promising project that entices not just because of blockchain but also by offering a well-crafted game. The game’s interface similar to Pokemon that is familiar to the majority of players. Sermons are “pets” which can be cultivated similarly to “crypto kitties”. Crypto-Pokemon evolves and fight with each other that is different in comparison to “kittens”. It operates on its own currency that is immediately converted to Ethereum. As per the developer, once they have finished mining all tokens available (mined in combat scenes) the currency will be fully functioning and completely independent of Ethereum.

Based on the previous paragraphs, it’s extremely possible to earn bitcoins from games, however the amount aren’t as substantial as those earned from mining or trading. This scheme of compensation is ideal for those who are just beginning to earn a little amount of money. without the need for investment is for players who are more attracted by the game itself with the exception of rewarding winnings.

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