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In recent times on the Internet, it is becoming more common to see terms such as bitcoin, blockchain or altcoin, and bitcoin. While the majority of people are aware of the first two at a minimum however the third one remains in the dark for many. When it comes to altcoins, it is important to know that they encompass all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. It is appropriate to ask what is the reason? Altcoins were designed to serve as an alternative to Bitcoin which is why they are called. The principal purpose behind altcoins is to get around the technical limitations that are associated with bitcoin. What are the limitations of the most well-known cryptocurrency?

The reasons to create altcoins

When discussing the motivations behind the development of altcoins we should draw attention to the negatives of bitcoin. They include:

    • Incomplete anonymity. Initially, they were created to be entirely anonymous systems for the exchange of funds However, as experience has demonstrated that with bitcoin, it’s possible to monitor both the sender as well as the recipient.
    • Insufficient functional. The primary function of all cryptocurrencies is to settle transactions. Bitcoin is a great choice for the task. But, often, it isn’t enough. Altcoins offer a wider variety of features, among which is the capability to build smart contracts (smart contracts). ).
    • The lengthy transactions. Transferring money from one bitcoin wallet to the next is much more time-consuming than using a different cryptocurrency. This is because of the number of blocks. It is reasonable to conclude that the greater the amount of blocks, the more time the required operations have to be determined.
    • It is expensive and complicated to extract. Bitcoin mining is a heavy-duty process that requires large equipment, in addition, creating new blocks in the blockchain becomes increasingly complicated and requires additional cost and resources.

As you will observe, there are many reasons for creating altcoins. Every new cryptocurrency has something distinct to the table. A feature that makes life easier for users, be it better algorithms to transfer funds or new features that are useful.

There are a variety of altcoins, however, in this article, only the most secure and stable ones will be discussed.

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This cryptocurrency was designed to create decentralized blockchain-based online services. The concept was announced in 2013, The first release of Ether was released within two years. At first, Ether was developed not just as a payments system, but rather as an easy way to integrate blockchain technology into other software.

In contrast to other cryptocurrency options, ether’s capabilities are not restricted to traditional payment. One example is the trading of resources or the registration and creation of smart contracts.

In the year 2018, the total amount of capitalization for Ethereum exceeded $100 billion however, after six months, it dropped by three times.

The year was 2016, as reported by The New York Times, dozens of apps worked including Backfeed, Etherport, The Rudimental, and others.


It is a peer-to-peer electronic payments system. Litecoins can be traded with bitcoins or any other currency of the nation. In addition, as with other cryptocurrencies they are accepted as a method of payment for products and services in countries that have payment methods.

Litecoin was launched in 2011 and is the very first altcoin. This cryptocurrency is among the most secure and employs special cryptographic methods to work and provides security to the system.


The cryptocurrency, also known as a bitcoin fork, was able to separate from bitcoin. The process of separation occurred in the year 2017. It was interesting to note that a year later, a payment system (peer-to-peer) was separated from Bitcoin Cash, which later was renamed Bitcoin SV.

The reason why bitcoins are split is due to the small block size of 1 megabyte. In the beginning, it was sufficient, even when there were too many transactions. The size of the block was justification for the fact that it made it more difficult for DDoS attacks.

In time, as there were hundreds of many users on the network, a challenge was created, that was mainly composed being waiting on confirmation for transactions. Two solutions to the issue have been suggested:

  • eliminates the limit of 1 megabyte
  • save some details in separate files that are not part of the chains.

In the end, it was decided to establish this SegWit2x method, the premise that was tiny compromise. The block size has grown by two times, and a portion of the data has begun to be kept in a separate location.


It is also among the most well-known and reliable cryptocurrencies. It was created in 2014. Dash is an open, decentralized payment system that is open and decentralized. When compared with Bitcoin, Dash transactions are verified much quicker, and verification time is less than 1.5 minutes. Dash is a blend of various cryptographic algorithms, mining Dash requires more power than Bitcoin.

The privacy of Dash can be at its highest because of Dash’s “PrivateSend” payment mixing service. This mechanism is made up of a range of processes:

  1. Preliminary denomination.
  2. All parties undergo additional steps to ensure anonymity.
  3. Mixed.
  4. Certainty when mixing different structures.

Transaction speed is measured through the “InstantSend” service. Connectors will not be blocked during every transaction. The decision will be made by the Masternode mechanism.


There is a wide variety of altcoins that are available and each has substantial advantages over the well-known and popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Here is a list of the top robust and trustworthy ones. When selecting a cryptocurrency for mining or investment there are numerous aspects to take into consideration. It is important to begin with the safety and reliability of the coin, move on with a plan and forecast and finish with the smallest aspects, such as speed, etc.

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