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spring dandelion honey recipe

Weeds are bad named! Many weeds are indeed edible and have many medicinal properties. This is especially true of dandelions, these beautiful golden flowers that grow at full speed in our gardens as spring comes to light. Kids are happy to help gather them under the warm spring sun to make great recipes. And if a salad with bacon and hard-boiled eggs or a dandelion egg is still a great classic, cramaillote is well worth a detour! This dandelion honey looks like jelly and is actually a jam of dandelion flowers. Check out this recipe, which you can spread over brioche or bread, use to sweeten yoghurts, or combine with a nice cheese plate.

Small bonus: Original, ancestral, vegan and economical, this recipe is great for sore throats and coughs. Another good reason to test this nectar as soon as the flowers bloom!


-About 365 dandelion flowers
-850 g of sugar
1.5 liters of water
1 organic orange
2 unprocessed lemons
Optional: vanilla bean; agar-agar

We recommend collecting your flowers from the garden or field early in the afternoon (the time when they bloom the most). However, avoid approaching roads where the flowers are highly contaminated.

Recipe for making dandelion honey:

1) After taking care to collect the dandelions, wash them thoroughly to remove dirt and small animals. Then drain everything.

dandelion recipe
Credit: Pixabay / Ivabalk

2) Then carefully remove the green part so that only the yellow sows remain. It’s boring, but it’s worth it because the green part can give the cramaillote a bitter taste.

3) Dry your flowers in the sun for an hour.

4) In the meantime, squeeze your citrus fruits. Then add water to the pot and the petals. Then bring everything to a boil and remember peels regularly until a translucent jam is formed. Then let it simmer for an hour before letting the pan cool overnight. (The scent isn’t very pleasant at this point in the recipe, but don’t worry!)

5) Filter the preparations with a cheesecloth or a clean cloth, making sure you get as much juice as possible. Bring the pot to a boil with the sugar and cook for about 45 minutes.

6) Check the hardening of the jelly by placing it on a cold plate. If not, continue cooking or add 1.5 cc of agar (natural gelling agent).

7) Transfer to your honey jars and close well. Sterilize them preferably in advance for better preservation of dandelion honey. However, without sterilization, it can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks.

dandelion honey cramaillote
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The benefits of dandelions …

This plants known mainly for it cleansing and diuretic virtues. It stimulates our liver and gallbladder and participates in their proper functioning. In addition, it helps to remove kidney and gallstones and supports weight loss thanks to it eliminating properties works against water retention. However, its virtues do not end there! It is also used in the French Pharmacopoeia fight indigestion (swelling and constipation) and anti-aging skin due to its high content of trace elements, vitamins and minerals and its free radical scavenging effect. What to think twice before talking about “weeds”!