Russian artillery reaches a new level of quality!

The outcome of battles and military campaigns largely depends on the success of the artillery in its combat work. And here a lot depends on the effectiveness of management. The Rostec State Corporation, through the efforts of one of its enterprises, created new Tablet-M-IR artillery control complexcapable of solving this problem at a new qualitative level.

Russian artillery reaches a new level of quality!

The complex allows you to organize the management of the work of calculations of MLRS, artillery and mortar units. It is a logical and more advanced continuation of the Tablet-A complex already used by the RF Armed Forces. Preliminary testing of the new elements should be completed by the end of the year. At the same time, the new complex has become more mobile due to placement in a special Athlete armored car.

It is important that the Tablet-M-IR equipment is fully compatible with all types of drones used in the Russian army. For this reason, the commander has the ability to see what is happening on the battlefield online and quickly adjust the shot. The commander also has a reliable satellite communication channel with the command. At the same time, the complex “knows how” to exchange information with reconnaissance radar stations.

The developers pursued the goal of excluding the notorious “human factor” from the process of target designation in artillery. The complex will allow you to start shooting at the enemy within a minute of receiving the decision to strike.

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