“Promobot” introduced the AI ​​that will make any technique smart

The Russian company “Promobot” pleased us with its new development. This time it’s the AI ​​Promobot nested chat. able to make almost any home appliance speak. This will only require three mandatory elements – a speaker system for sound reproduction, a microphone that recognizes speech and user requests and, of course, a special circuit in which the AI ​​lives. The platform’s capabilities are so great that it may seem “smarter” than traditional voice assistants.

Promobot has introduced AI that will make any technique smart

Interestingly, Promobot’s AI can understand not only spoken language, but also typed text and even user gestures. He is able to grasp the context of conversation and confidently supports communication on a variety of topics. Thanks to this exciting feature, AI can be successfully applied in all household appliances, from kitchen helpers to headphones. However, its application scenarios are not limited to the home. It is also likely to be used in cars, where it will also come in handy.

The work of the new AI is based on the analysis of information received from the user. If you ask him a question, you can get a very meaningful answer. Human communication with the AI ​​is shown in the ad, where he answers questions and keeps the conversation going…refrigerator. After exchanging greetings, he reports the temperature inside the room and invites them to have something. Communication seems quite relaxed and natural. At the same time, after hearing “Thank you”, the refrigerator responds clearly and politely: “Please”!

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