Oculcus will search for illegal content

Everyone has started to understand the importance of filtering illegal content on the Internet. Without effective tools, you can lose the information war. People alone cannot distinguish information from a subversive plan. We need a national solution. They should be the new Oculus search system for inappropriate content, for the development of which 57.7 billion rubles have already been allocated. Now the company has become known, who is responsible for developing it.

Oculcus will search for illegal content!

Roskomnadzor opted for Exikyushn RDC LLC. The client will be the “Primary Radio Frequency Center”. The product must be presented no later than December 12 of this year. It appears from the technical documentation that Oculus’ primary task will be to search and analyze real-time images and video, chat messages, and messaging channel material for prohibited information. The new system should detect violations of legal requirements in scenes and combinations of objects, image and face compositions, statics and movement dynamics of captured people.

At the same time, according to the terms of the contract, the developers will provide not only the search system itself, but also 100 data sets for its training. “Oculus” opportunities should suffice for analysis 200,000 images per day. This will require at least 48 servers with graphics accelerators attached. Additionally, neural networks that use deep machine learning to operate will be involved. The list of prohibited content will also include the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations and the use of tobacco products.

The task undertaken by the developer does not only seem difficult to the experts. Knowing the specifics of such work, they agreed that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the desired result within the agreed time and for the specified amount. The fact is that it is not about improving or modifying an existing product, but create something completely new. This task is much more laborious, time-consuming and expensive.

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