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Natural fertilizers and other tips for getting beautiful roses

Beautiful roses are always the pride of gardeners. Although roses are classic, they come in many varieties and decorate the garden with colorful elegance. But to be beautiful, these sometimes fragile flowers need a little help. However, there is no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides based on chemicals that are harmful to the planet! With a few economical products picked from the closet or even from the garden, your roses will get exceptional flowering and good disease resistance! Check out natural fertilizers and other grandmother’s tips for getting great roses with us.

1) The best natural fertilizers for roses

In addition to good compost, many natural fertilizers can help the development of roses. To fill your rose culture with nutrients (trace elements, etc.) you can rely on other organic fertilizers to achieve an enhancing effect.

Natural fertilizers taken from the kitchen to fertilize roses:

banana peel for garden use

banana peels are rich in potassium, iron and magnesium. They must be buried at the foot level of the rose bush when cut into pieces. With them, growth, abundant flowering, grip and charming colors are on the agenda!
coffee grounds enrich the land. This natural fertilizer provides phosphate and nitrogen for every flower a real decoration. In addition to it expels worms, aphids and flies ! Apply it to the base of rose bushes and mix with water in the soil. Namely: rhododendrons and azaleas also love it …
crushed eggshells provide calcium just like eggs in chilled cooking water. This amendment should be sprinkled at the root of each rose bush.

Other natural fertilizers for rose bush:

from lye to ash

ash fertilizes the soil and is therefore an excellent natural fertilizer. After screening your ashes, you can spread them at the root of the rose bush or mix them with water for watering.
– Contains a lot of slow-release water-soluble nitrogen dried blood perfect for a rose bush or perennials. It offers more colorful leaves and long-lasting growth.
– Finally horse manure acts as a mold and fertilizer. If you are lucky enough to find one, don’t hesitate to use it! On the other hand, if you decide to burn a rose bush, use rotten manure rather than fresh manure that can burn the roots.

2) Drive out the attacking aphids

Pink roses on a rose bush

As soon as the good weather arrives, the plants are conquered! Fortunately for the gardener, there is no shortage of natural solutions against aphids. Two teaspoons black soap a liter of water in a spray bottle works wonders. Otherwise, think of nettles that are excellent nitrogen-containing natural fertilizer in addition drive away those unwanted little beasts. Let macerate about 3-4 handfuls of nettle leaves in a watering can. 7-10 days of maceration is sufficient before filtration. It is then necessary to water each rose bush with this mixture. You can also mix the roses four parts water to one part milk. Spray this mixture on top and under the leaves to be treated.

3) Plant at the root of the roses

planting machine

To protect roses from unwanted insects (aphids, etc.) and prevent attacks, it is best to plant repellent plants at the roots of roses. The best protection against aphids are calendula and nasturtium! And against all the other small pests, think of lavender, garlic, chives, or even sage.

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