Love is a disease! This is an official statement from WHO specialists

How many things have been written and said about love! Maybe everything people do in their lives is somehow connected to this wonderful feeling. But WHO experts (it’s time to wonder if they are aliens) think love is a mental illness! Now love is officially included in the International Classification of Diseases. The position of international medical experts is based mainly on the symptoms.

Love is a disease!  This is the official WHO statement

They are sure that signs such as constant obsessive thoughts about a loved one, unexpected mood swings, acute sleep problems, illogical and impulsive actions can characterize a mental disorder. Now love is on a par with such disorders as alcoholism, drug addiction, and kleptomania. However, Russian doctors have their own point of view on this interesting and important issue. Despite the fact that the symptoms listed above can be unpleasant and noticed by others, people who have them should not be called sick.

On the contrary, these are not signs of a mental disorder, but patterns of behavior caused by romantic experiences. WHO experts forgot one important moment that defines love – joy. It is joy that becomes the key emotion of people loving each other. Unrequited love somewhat deviates a person from the norm, but this gives no reason to consider even such love a mental illness. This phenomenon is rather associated with psychology. The fact that people fall in love and experience, experience emotions, suffer and rejoice, it’s normal!

The WHO experts quite surprised their Russian colleagues when they suddenly stopped considering gender dysphoria as a disease. This term describes the pathology when a man begins to feel and think like a woman and the reverse situation. With all due respect to the authority and medical knowledge of international experts, their statements should not be taken as true. The field of medicine is too flexible and people have so far studied themselves so little that many of the conclusions may be just plain nonsense.

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