Is it possible not to disconnect the laptop from charging at all?

Laptops are becoming more and more popular among modern users. Buying a laptop allows you to do all the same work as on a desktop PC. At the same time, the workplace can be organized almost anywhere there is an Internet connection. Often the laptop is on the desk, always connected to charger. There is a completely logical question whether it will harm the normal battery of the device. It was answered by computer experts.

Is it possible not to disconnect the laptop from charging at all?

If the laptop is constantly connected to the power supply, this does not carry any increased risk. In this case, when the battery reaches its full capacity, the battery stops charging. This is closely monitored by a dedicated controller. It is likely that The battery of the device will last longer due to the fact that the charge-discharge cycles will not be intensively consumed. In addition, there is no need to constantly monitor the degree of charge.

Some users disconnect the laptop from the power supply after the battery is fully charged. They believe that this approach will prolong battery life. This is because the battery wears out even when it is not used at all, like all chemical energy sources. It’s probably not worth sticking to this working order because there is a risk of deleting unsaved data once the battery is completely drained. If the user is working on an important project, the loss of information may be significant.

However, Continuously charging the laptop battery also has its downsides.. There aren’t many of them, but you should definitely know about them. Thus, from time to time, power surges occur in the household electrical network. They can affect battery life. Overheating may also occur. To avoid this, do not leave the device in direct sunlight and near heating radiators. It would be wise not to run a large number of applications. It is best to use a compatible power supply and charging cable. As a last resort, compatible models approved by the manufacturer can be used.

Recommended sometimes only use the battery, but do not let it completely discharge.

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