Is it better to buy a new computer or upgrade an old one?

Sooner or later, even a fully productive and powerful computer may cease to suit you. It is necessary to make a decision either to replace it with a new one or to modernize it. Users have long been divided into two camps. Some advocate the purchase of new cars, motivating this purely economic considerations. There is an opinion that maintaining “in normal condition” is more expensive than upgrading. Proponents of modernization are convinced that it is possible and necessary to “take” all the possibilities from the “old” machines.

Is it better to buy a new computer or upgrade an old one?

It just won’t work to make a decision. It is imperative to consider the component base used and the performance requirements of the PC after the upgrade is complete. So, for example, if you need 30 fps frame rate in games, you will need to provide support for the technology HSE 4.2. The following processors are suitable for this − Intel Core 1 (LGA 1156), 2, 3 (LGA 1155), 4, 5 (LGA 1150), 6, 7 (LGA 1151 v1) 8, 9 (LGA 1151 v2), 10, 11 (LGA 1200), 12 (LGA 1700) and AMD FX 4000-8000 (AM3+), Ryzen (AM4).

Experts also strongly advise to abandon the use of electromechanical hard drives, preferring SSD drives. In extreme cases, it is permissible to leave SSD to install the operating system and leave it for games Hard disk. But this approach will not be optimal simply because many modern gaming projects involve the use of exclusively high-speed SSDs.

It is also important to have at least 16 GB of RAM on your PC. It is better to use modules OZU with a frequency of DDR3 1866 MHz, if the rest of the hardware supports “overclocking”. If overclocking is not supported, you should think about bars with the highest possible frequencies – 1333 or 1600 MHz. Outdated processors can be replaced with a new powerful “stone” Xeon paired with 16GB of RAM.

It’s best to only replace video cards if you plan to play on a PC or do heavy graphics processing. In all other cases, an inexpensive modern card is more than enough. At the same time, you need to remember about the possibility of ordering Aliexpress the vast majority of all necessary assemblies and components at competitive prices. However, you must be careful not to fall victim to fraudulent sellers.

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