Investments ideas: Business ideas 2023 with minimal investment

Many people dream of opening their own business in Russia. It is not easy to open your own business in Russia without investing. Let’s dispel this myth. It is possible to start a business without investing a lot or even any capital. The top business ideas for 2022-2023 have been compiled by us. They are suited to different areas and categories of people. You will find something that you like in this article.

Recommendations for starting a business: A plan

It is not easy to start your own business. You should prepare a business plan before you begin to do business.

It’s worthwhile to start by analyzing the niche and competing businesses. It is worth conducting a survey on social media if there aren’t any similar businesses in your area. This will allow you to determine if anyone is interested in your direction. And, perhaps, it will lead you to a partner. You may have heard of someone who tried opening something similar to yours, but he failed. It is important to understand why the service was not available in your area.

It is worthwhile to research the competition before opening a business in a big city. You should think about why your customers should choose you over other options. How can you make the product/service more interesting?

Even if you don’t understand modern marketing and SMM promotion, you can still figure it out. According to forecasts, in 2022-2023 online promotion will bring more customers than 50% for virtually any business. This number can even rise to as high as 90% in some industries. You have two options: either you can learn everything yourself or hire experts (you can also freelance).

Ideas for business ideas for women

Women in Russia used to be afraid of starting their own business. They believed they wouldn’t be able cope. This fear is gone now – almost 40% of all new business ventures are started by women. These are some areas that any aspiring entrepreneur should explore.


You may be able to make your own cakes if you are a good cook. You can start by telling your friends via social media that they can now order confectionery from me. You should also start to promote your products, post photos of your dishes, communicate with subscribers, and use all available channels. Within a few months, you will have more customers. You can expand over time – you could open a small cafe or pastry shop.

Before you begin this business, it is important to analyze your niche. In large cities, there can be a lot of competition. It will be difficult to survive in this situation without an exclusive offer. You will have to either drastically reduce the price or do something completely unique. It’s worth it if you live somewhere with little competition. You can also start your own YouTube channel or Instagram account, and even a cooking blog online. Although it may not be seen by many people, these actions will allow you to expand your business. All videos can be monetized to receive money, even if they are small.

Tailoring pets

This is a great idea for a business that requires little investment. You only need a sewing machine, and some fabric. Once you’ve identified the niche and found no other competitors, you can begin to look for clients on social media. Do a test survey. It is likely that at least one out of 10 dog owners will be interested in your survey. Post examples of what you’ve done, or sketch of models. Your first customers will understand what you can do and if they require it. They just need to create a marketing strategy. If you launch in fall, remind pet owners that it might be cold outside.

A low price is another thing that will attract potential clients. You don’t need to raise it too much at first. You will be able to charge a lower price than your nearest competitors, and your customers will flock.

Decorations for festive events

The highly-sought-after job of decorator is also a profitable business idea. Larger cities are more suitable than small towns because there is more demand for decorators (weddings and corporate parties take place there more often).

You can start by working with your competitors to learn how they do things and gain experience. You can then open your own company with a minimal budget. You don’t need to invest – the customer will pay all costs. You will need to find customers by yourself, either through advertising or through friends and acquaintances.

Nail salon

Start small and grow into a master at your home. When you have a steady client base, it’s worth looking into renting or purchasing a smaller space. In a small town, manicures and other beauty services may be a good option. Keep your customers happy by being active on social media.

Soap and candle production

Although the idea isn’t new, it is still very relevant in 2022 due to globalization. It’s now easier than ever to sell products all over the globe. All you need is an Instagram account, and/or your own website. You won’t find buyers if you aren’t a natural esthete.

Hotel for animals temporarily in need of accommodation

You can open a hotel if there isn’t one in your area. It is very common for animal owners to need to travel somewhere. You can, but it is not something you want to do all the time. You can give your animal to the hotel to be cared for while. You will need to pay, but customers will be able to ensure that their pets are well looked after. Although you can start your business from home initially, it will take time to grow as more than five animals will fit in one apartment. You won’t have enough room for large enclosures if the apartment is too small.

Recommendation: If you don’t enjoy spending time with pets (especially if it is not possible to hire someone to care for them), then you shouldn’t start this business idea.

Men’s business ideas

The division of business into male and female is conditional. Most of the boundaries in our age are being dissolved as the old settings no longer work. These are the top five business ideas for men in 2022-2023.

Renovation of apartments

You might consider making it your lucrative business if you have some knowledge about construction.

It will be relevant for all time. You will not need to invest in this business at the beginning. If you don’t have tools, you won’t have to purchase them. Your customers are responsible for all material costs. It is not worthwhile to start working in construction without any experience. It is best to start by getting a job at a company where you can actually learn. Training videos available online are not superfluous.

Cargo transportation

This topic is still very relevant and will continue to be popular until an apparatus that can teleport objects is developed. People will need to be able to move their belongings around until then.

How do you get started? You will need a car, or preferably a truck or minibus. You can rent a car for the first time. However, the profit margin will be lower. You can also hire an assistant if you need to transport heavy loads.

Your car can transport goods. You will need an IP to find orders directly from stores.

Offsite auto repair

It is very convenient to have your car repaired on-site. Even if there are many skilled professionals in big cities, it is not always possible to find them in the provinces. You can still be a competitor in this field, but you can lower the cost of your services or make them a bit cheaper.

This business idea for 2022 is only suitable to men who are familiar with cars. You should have a high level of garage experience or a specialized education.

Husband for an Hour”

It seems like something is always breaking in the homes and apartments of the citizens of this country. It is urgent to fix everything. It is possible to start your own business even in a highly competitive market. You will need the tools and standard materials to get started. This will allow you to avoid running to the store for every order.

It is worthwhile to order a small website or launch advertising on the Internet in order to ensure that customers are never out of reach. Even though small investments may still be required, they can pay off very quickly in small cities where there is virtually no competition.


This idea is not new in megacities. However, it is less popular in smaller cities. Delivery services can be used to deliver food as well as food from restaurants and other goods in your locality. Advertise yourself on social media, using contextual advertising and posting ads. Also, you should follow the trends. For example, gift boxes that are delivered to your office or home can be prepared before March 8. This business idea will be appreciated by men as it will save you a lot of time.

Only the fuel and vehicle are the most important investments. It is worth discussing cooperation with small and large stores in order to gain more customers. They might be willing to let you advertise as a deliveryman for their goods.


This is a great business idea for 2022. It’s a profitable business to entertain children. This is especially popular during New Year’s Eve. Santa Claus must visit at least one kindergarten matinee each year.

Private individuals may also be invited to holiday thanks to a well-planned advertising campaign. Each year, the client base grows.

Pavement tile manufacturing

You only need a cement mixer and a mold to make the tile. Even large retailers will buy a high quality product if you are able to make it affordable. A low price will entice buyers. It is important to determine the correct proportions and adhere to all GOST requirements.

Country house fireplace arrangement

This area requires knowledge, but it is possible to learn the trade and start your own business quickly. There are many courses available that will teach you how to make stoves in as little as 2-5 months. In a very short time you can fold your own fireplace or stove, or even repair an existing one.

Stove heating is still a viable option, but gas has yet to be brought everywhere. A Russian stove or fireplace is much more affordable and reliable. Naturalness is gaining popularity so you will be in demand. These services can be expensive (many people believe it is unreasonable), so investing in education will pay dividends quickly.

Production and assembly of greenhouses

This business idea is more effective in spring and summer than it is in winter. However, this all depends on the climate. Production is not something you need to worry about. It’s enough to just find a low-cost supplier, such as from China, and then just pick up the greenhouses. Customers will not release their money if the price is lower than the market. You can increase the range over time. You can, for example, build small houses, baths or gazebos.

Ideas for business in 2022 that work for everyone

Consider the best ideas for everyone.


Both men and women can use this product. One of the most important requirements is the ability to properly and beautifully photograph. You can now learn all you need to know by yourself. The Internet offers complete manuals and videos that can be downloaded for free. This makes it very lucrative to start a business.

There will be a lot of competition in large cities. However, it is possible for small cities to have no competitors. It is worthwhile to consider where it is easiest to get started in this field. Maybe your community doesn’t have a photo studio that you can use to do family photos. How do you start this business? Photography is essential for any business.

Commodity business in both large and small cities

This niche is extremely broad and is heavily tied to marketing. You are purchasing a popular product that’s not available in Russia. The goods are resold at a profit, and you make a premium. You can resell goods not only through acquaintances/friends, but also online. You can, for example, create a landing page to launch contextual advertising.

How do you choose the right product? This is the most difficult part. Sometimes, it is more difficult to make something than to sell it. There are many things that can be presented on trading floors. The product must have some value. Marketers must also find some benefit to the product so people can justify purchasing it. This is how sales figures are built. It will be more profitable for women to resell cosmetics and goods for women. This will make you more trustworthy. Men – tools and accessories for men, as well gifts for fair sex (they’re great during holidays).

Selling goods in different ways

  1. Free message boards This option is also good for a starting point. Make an appealing offer.
  2. On social networks Post an ad on both your page and on regional bulletin boards.
  3. Make your own website (landingpage). You don’t need to be a programmer to create websites in 2022. There are many web designers available, some even free. Drag and drop the blocks, add text and arrange images. Remember that selling the right product is the primary task of an online store. You can build a full-fledged online shop over time.

The trend for 2022 is information business

Information technology is now a part of our daily lives. Even though 5 years ago, many people were skeptical about the idea of starting an online business. Now it is a true panacea.

How can you make online money?

Selling and buying websites

You can even legally sell or purchase your site through special exchanges. What is the point? If the site is developed properly, it will be able to pay off the purchase price in a few years. Without experience in this field, it is not worthwhile. It is better to start by creating your own website and promoting it through search engines. Once you have gained some experience, you can sell and purchase.

Website creation for order

There is a wide range of niches for businesses. You don’t need any experience but you want to design. Web design is a good choice for beginners. You can start a web studio to hire programmers if you feel this is the right path for you.

You can make websites and earn money. It will be hard if you don’t have any experience. However, if you have a strong desire to learn, it is possible to do so. There are many ready-made cases available on the Internet.

Online shop

Your customer base will grow exponentially if you are able to create an online shop. Start with your local market, then expand to Russia and the rest of the world. It is worthwhile to find profitable suppliers and a niche where you want your store’s growth.

Selling and recording trainings and courses

Online education has been growing at an incredible rate in recent years. Online education is now an option for people who want to improve their skills or grow professionally.

These courses have been replaced entirely by online platforms. Write a course on something you want to share with the world and then make it available for sale. Start a YouTube channel and talk about it for free. Then, you can offer an extended version to make it more expensive.

Language courses can also be taken online.


Ideas for business that aren’t in Russia

We usually see Western trends in 5-10 years. Very rarely in 2 to 3 years. We can also learn from our developed neighbors what business ideas will be relevant in 2022, and which ones are not yet in Russia.

Personal chef

They started this business in America a few years back because people are busy and don’t have the time to cook and want to eat well. While eating out is possible, nothing can beat homemade food.

Personal chefs are becoming increasingly popular in developed countries. They come to your house several times per week to prepare coordinated meals.

Make your own clothes

This is not a new business model that died with the rise of big clothing stores. It is now being revived because people are willing to pay more for exclusivity. It is impossible to buy custom-made items in regular stores. They are also much more comfortable. You can start a blog on the internet to attract clients.

House/apartment Care

You don’t have to stress about your family members or friends – the West has already developed entire services that will ensure that your pets are walked and fed and that the flowers are tended to on time.

A mobile app will allow you to track the execution of all tasks online.

Key duplication machine

This task can now be automated. You just need to insert the key into the machine, and within a matter of minutes, you’ll have a duplicate. Although you will need to invest, the machine will quickly make its money. It will produce keys quickly and everyone will be able to see this amazing technology through advertising.

Hotel for flowers

This unusual hotel has been offered to hostesses in major cities across America and Europe. You can now give flowers to your guests for prolonged periods of time if you’re leaving. You can water and fertilize them, or hide them from the sun. It all depends on what the plant is like.

At the time of departure, car rental service

You can create your own mobile application if you are an expert in information technology. It will cost you money to hire lawyers to help you create the contract and advertise the service.

It will be hard to choose from so many business ideas in 2022-2023. One thing is certain: Choose what you want, or what you can do for free. Otherwise, any business problems could make you feel uneasy.