Insider Trading – Live Examples

How can you tell if insider trading is illegal? And what is the reason it is prohibited. Some examples for insider trading-related scandals.

American senators saved millions of dollars after they discovered secret information regarding the imminent risk of the pandemic for the world economy. On the same day they sold their shares to the stock market prior to the general decline of indexes. Insider trading, and the public scandal was the cause for the court proceedings at the Supreme Court, but the defendants in the case were able to escape being held accountable. This conflict of interests is an excellent illustration of the misuse for insider knowledge.

Insider trading can destabilize the prices of the stocks of large corporations and can lead to deaths, layoffs and scandals.

The world of large corporate and business finance, confidential information is out of the issue. The denial of facts can lead to the spread of unsubstantiated rumors, gossip and speculation. We examine the various aspects of insider trading means and offer concrete examples.

What exactly is insider trading? (in easy terms)

Insider information is private information regarding a company, which should be made public could affect the price of shares in the company.

In simple terms the term “insider trading” refers to transactions executed on the stock market with classified information accessible to a small group of individuals.

They are referred to as”the Insider.

Insider is someone who, through his job and responsibilities, has access to secret information which allows him to profit from manipulative nature of the securities. Insider trading of shares is not generally illegal, but certain aspects of this type of financial activity can pose a risk to Themis.

“Insider” refers to “insider” is used to refer to the upper management of companies that issue bonds as well as representatives of the auction auction’s organizers and independent auditors for the financial documents of businesses and other accountable persons.

In many states, the requirement to keep track of insider transactions in the securities market is mandated by the law. Certain time frames are set in which insiders are granted no rights to enter the market using securities. This restriction applies to transactions involving securities of a company which is directly connected to it.

Insider information is available in the following kinds :

  • changes in the direction of the company changes in the principal business strategy;
  • change to the latest technological processes introduction of new products
  • talks regarding the merger, takeover or reorganization;
  • Tax documentation and financial reports that provide insight into the economic health of the business;
  • success at major auctions.

For instance, news about the senior manager of a large corporation or the shareholder with the largest stake to criminal responsibility increases the pressure on the share price and causes them to drop on the chart of price. The opposite information regarding the conclusion of criminal charges makes the company more attractive to the business to investors, and stock price increases. Information about insiders on the matter could include police officials and top workers of the firm as well as family members of those who are who were involved in the criminal investigation.

The classification of information that falls into the insider category is determined by the legislation in force. Large joint-stock corporations typically make available on their official sources the list of details related to information about insiders.


For instance, AT&T describes ten pages of insider information. The official document includes information regarding the company and its securities issue and information about the financial and economic health of the business isn’t classified as confidential information.

It is interesting to note that all information on the official website of the company ceases to be classified as insider information as soon as it is released.

In Russia there is only Gazprom is the only company to boast an information database and insiders, therefore scandals involving insiders within Russia and the Russian Federation arise with frightening frequency.

Trading insiders in Russia

It is a fact that the Russian Federation is located on the fringe of major stock exchanges. Because of this, the law reacts with significant delay to market changes. In the USA the majority of insider trading cases end up in lawsuits or huge fines, then the practice of judicial procedure in that of the Russian Federation is mainly limited to prescriptions.

Insider trading is a reality in Russia Some scandals proved to be very incessant and their echo is still being heard on stock exchanges.

Example of Transaero

Insider information regarding shares that fell into control by A. Pleshakov, who is on the board of directors at Transaero and Transaero, was made the subject of investigation by a separate commission of Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The person who was involved gave shares of the business as a present for his mom, T. Anokhina, and also conducted operations through small gatherings. In the past over 40 percent of Transaero’s stock were sold to Anokhina.

Knowing about the imminent company’s bankruptcy, Anokhina was able to sell the securities on the middle of a freeway. The result was that greater than 2.5 thousand people became their clients. The court concluded that Pleshakov with his deeds prevented the financial loss of 210 million rubles.

As an example, take “Finam”

In the year 2018 in 2018, in the year 2018, Central Bank of the Russian Federation initiated an investigation into the Finam financial firm. At the disposal of experts at the Central Bank were the materials of an independent audit regarding the insiders’ transactions with security from RusAl and Polyus Gold. Exchange companies affiliated with Finam have opened a lot of positions using securities of the two businesses, and the transactions didn’t bring any benefits for traders. Trading that was not necessary was deemed to be as a form of manipulation in the market. The representatives from “Finam” denied involvement in the transactions.

Through inspections of the regulatory authorities, it was discovered that the defendants profited from the high activity on the market. Profiting from the false market for stocks, they maintained the price at a low and attracted investors on clearly not-so-favorable conditions.

Finam’s defense relied on the example that of Goldman Sachs, citing market making . This permits insiders to take advantage of the loophole in market manipulation as well as market-making (the obligation to exchange active lots for various kinds of instruments).

US insider scandals

The Insider Information Act has been in force within the United States for over a hundred years.

In the past regulators have developed an approach to expose fraudulent insider scams. They have also uncovered fraudulent insider schemes. Financial Crimes Bureau released statistics regarding the identification of of insider trading that is illegal. The experts consider that Bureau can reveal up to 75percent of the insider trading information regarding the stock exchange.

The most prominent scandals that were uncovered in the States where the insider deals were revealed:

  1. Libertine McDermott . in 1998 James McDermott headed a huge financial institution called KWB and earned an annual income of $4.3 million per year. The tall banker was frequently during the programming of the biggest American broadcasters, educating viewers about the state of finances. The best career of his was ruined by James’s lengthy tongue. James got caught in”the “honey trap”. He talked to his wife about the forthcoming deal with the five biggest banks that would join in the consortium. The details were released. McDermott was sacked of all his posts, and was taken back to his bunk for eight months. his mate was given three months of real prison.
  2. Robert Foster Winans . In the beginning of the 80s Winans had become a renowned figure within the world of stock exchanges with the position of author for The Wall Street Journal. Robert determined to make an additional revenue from his royalties through offering traders that he knows information on upcoming publication. The plan worked as follows: Winans reviewed the stock positively, and it skyrocketed in value, and then his broker bought a massive quantity of shares prior to the publication of the most recent edition of the publication. Brokers made $720,000. Winans’s premium was just $35,000.
  3. Hedge Fund Galleon Group . It is the representative for the most affluent Rajaratnam family as well as his business associates were implicated in insider trading using exchange transactions. Due to the efforts of whistleblowers the billionaire was able to get on trial in the month of August. Prior to the case was even started, Rajaratnam was the bail amount of 150 million dollars. After looking over the file of the case the judge handed down Rajaratnam to eleven years ‘ actual prison time.
  4. Stephen Arthur Cohen . The prosecution was able to establish multiple facts regarding insider trading. Steven’s SAC Advisor Inds received a astonishing $1.85 billion penalty. The businessman himself got away with just a small anxiety. He was issued an exclusion from professional participation in finance management at corporate level for eight years.
  5. Martha Stewart case. In 2003, a scandal broke out about the name of Martha Stewart. The woman obtained inside details from her broker and immediately transferred the shares she held with InClown System. Marta was able to save around forty thousand dollars. Director in charge of InClown System shared information with the broker. The company operated in the biopharmaceutical field and attempted to develop a cure for cancer. The CEO of the company himself has sold shares following the decision of the medical commission that rejected the company’s request. The investigation was ongoing over three years. In the end, Marta was sentenced to $58,000 in fines and an indefinite ban from performing certain tasks associated with the management of finances. This Stewart case is intriguing because it demonstrates how the value of shares held by companies in the US biopharmaceutical industry and the decision made by the FDA commission.
  6. Geoffrey Skilling . The most well-known economic swindler of the United States received a serious sentence of prison (24 year) for fraud amounting to over 65 million dollars. Skilling, just prior to the company’s collapse was forced to resign from directorship immediately and eliminated all shares of the company he was sentenced to. Additionally, to the incident, Jeffrey was charged with fraud in 68 instances that the investigation was able establish 35.

Why insider trading is prohibited

The specialists of the financial sector do not have a question why insider trading is prohibited. Three main reasons why it is outlawed:

  • creates an obstacle to competition;
  • minority shareholders are hurt by the huge earnings of majority shareholders;
  • the threat of a stock market crash and an economic disaster.

For the first time, the need to bring insider information into the field of law enforcement was discovered in the United States. In the mid-30s of the last century, against the background of the crisis, stocks made a dizzying rally. Owners of small blocks of shares received losses, and insiders made millions of dollars.

It is not for nothing that insider trading has received an unofficial name – “ market manipulator ”. If a certain group of participants in exchange trading receives more information about financial instruments, then they are in a clearly more advantageous position. In such a situation, private investors lose faith in the fairness of stock quotes, which immediately affects the pace of development of the financial sector of the economy.

Methods for tracking insider trading were first developed in the United States. In 1935, a special department was created within the structure of the Commission for the Control of Securities. Specialists understood exchange trading, tracking transactions that were suspicious from their point of view. The practice of denunciation was widely used, which was generously paid from the budget.

In the 80s, SEC specialists began to use electronic control of transactions. At the end of the trading session, they received information about sharp fluctuations in rates. Each case was comprehensively studied, with the call of the participants in the transactions to give explanations. The scope of the Commission’s proceedings included false insider information.

Detection of insider trading and methods of combating it

  1. Detection among millions of insider trades has become possible with the help of data mining technology . Based on 27 million transactions made by insiders on American trading floors, experts were able to identify patterns that formed the basis of the program’s algorithm.
  2. The second method is called ” Behavior Pattern “. The essence of the second method of revealing insider transactions is based on the analysis of the correlation between the factors of time and the volume of transactions. If an insider is active and enters the market in large lots before the release of important corporate news, the system captures the data and sends the information to the Committee for further investigation.
  3. The third mechanism evaluates the correlation of stock prices and transactions . The automatic system finds the relationship between the opening and closing prices of positions of a certain trader suspected of being an insider. Based on the data allowing to calculate the statistical error, the average insider’s profitable trade is displayed. If one or more transactions go beyond a certain price barrier, the regulator is immediately informed.

Methods of dealing with insiders

To date, effective counteraction to insiders is through the use of the following methods:

  • protecting the confidentiality of insider information with strict reporting on informed persons;
  • regular monitoring of transactions using a neural network configured to identify transactions that go beyond normal trading operations;
  • close cooperation between auction organizers and state authorities in terms of control over insider information.

Why insiders publish information about their transactions

источники инсайдерской информации

Investors are attentive to information from insiders. When opening positions, traders take into account the decisions and actions of top managers of large institutional stock players.

The tactic is absolutely correct, because no one knows the financial condition of the company better than its top management.

Information about insiders is not a direct signal to open a trade, but it is rich food for thought for professional investors and stockholders. For this reason, a special amendment has been included in the legislation.

Every insider in America included in the registry is required to report to the Commission on transactions made by him.

Resources where insiders post their deals in the public domain:


How to make money from insider trading

Data on insider transactions is quite appropriate to use as an additional filter to the technical or fundamental analysis of the company’s securities. Traders are interested in transactions made by the owners of large blocks of shares and senior management in the open markets.


Investors without exception consider purchases by insiders of securities as a positive signal. Entering a trade on open markets says more about the attractiveness of a security than an option. The situation is better explained with an example.

Cree executive Day Loan purchased 1,000 shares of the company for $106 each. The purchase coincided with the employee’s bonus of 2,563 shares of the company. Thus, the woman received possession of almost 3.5 thousand shares.

Investors assessed the situation positively, because at the time of purchase, the stock quotes were at the maximum and a further upward trend was in doubt.

Since Day Loan is a well-known specialist, her decision was perceived by private traders as a signal to open long positions.


Share deals carry more mysteries.

The fact is that the shareholder can not only use insider information about the upcoming collapse of the company, but simply get rid of the shares to buy a country house, a car, or other personal goals.

In most cases, insider transactions for the sale of shares do not carry hidden motives, however, interested investors regularly monitor the above Internet sites.

Suffice it to cite the owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates , as an example . The businessman has been ignoring the shares of his own company since the public offering, steadily getting rid of a batch of shares every quarter. This was not a signal that the founder of the brand had no faith in its potential.

Showed the growth of Apple shares during regular insider selling. Moreover, the share price during this time increased 2.5 times (from 48 to 127 dollars).

There are also reverse examples .

Recall the fate of the shares of the newfangled cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase . In the two months since the exchange’s IPO, its shares have fallen by 35 percent (from $337.5 to $245). At this time, there was active trading for a fall in the shares of the exchange of its top management and owners of large blocks of shares. The portal provided information on the sale by insiders of almost 100 percent of the shares since the IPO of the cryptocurrency exchange. Traders immediately deciphered the signal, getting rid of high-risk stocks, which further lowered its price, transferring it to the “ junk ” category.

Cumulative Insider Trading

Allows investors to benefit and aggregate insider trading data. Financial experts are confident that in China, the States, India, general insider trades predict the direction of the market. Long positions of insiders give a signal about the upcoming growth of the market, an increase in financial flows and a bullish trend.

The crash of the stock market in the 80s of the last century was overlooked by insiders, since the number of sales did not exceed the norm. But the subsequent recovery was correctly predicted by insiders who sensed the approach of a bull market a couple of months before the explosive growth.

Information about the mood of American and Asian insiders is used to invest in indices, since a set of stocks shows a higher return. You can not guess with a particular stock, but several securities will definitely shoot in the index, which will pull its quote up.

In conclusion

Insider trading is an integral part of the stock market, the essence of which needs to be understood.

Insider trading has the potential to generate huge profits, but breaking the law is punished quite severely. Tracking insider trades provides private investors and professional traders with information for analysis.

“Trading is a healthy habit for me. The market is like a treasure island, there is always something to be found. Anyone can find something of their own, from Danone stock to Louis Vuitton stock. It is important to be flexible and always look for something new. .”

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