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How to store a bouquet for a very long time?

For special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, a loved one’s birthday, or Mother’s Day, or even for no reason, just to please the recipient and show tenderness, a beautiful bouquet is always very pleasant. However, we do not know how to keep a beautiful bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers for a long time. Roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, peonies, eucalyptus, amaryllis, exotic flowers, etc. fade quickly, and it is not always stated how they should be cared for to maintain the freshness of the floral composition. You don’t have to choose artificial flowers! Here are some natural tricks from our grandmothers, most often slipping into a vase of water, allowing you to keep a bouquet of flowers longer.

1) Sugar

It’s simple and natural. A touch of sugar will extend the duration of your flower. After a week, your bundle is still not faded. Therefore, it is a very effective way to preserve the most beautiful bouquets.

Authors: Humusak / Pixabay

2) Bleaching agent

An effective but dangerous bleach will also help preserve your bouquet. It slows down the growth of bacteria to keep the fresh water clean. Therefore, it is necessary to put very little, that is, 1-2 drops. It is therefore a working method, but be careful when using it!

Authors: Wikimedia Commons / Chianti -Modif: ADGM

3) Baking soda

It is a natural product that is suitable for many everyday tasks. However, baking soda is also great for bouquets. A touch of water is enough to make your flower last for ten days.

baking soda
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4) Bouquet storage device

There are special preservatives for bouquets. They are sold in garden centers. These are highly effective products specifically dedicated to preserving all cut flowers.

bouquet of flowers peonies
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5) Put the bouquet in the fridge

Have you ever noticed in your artisan flower shop that it’s always cool? It’s really good for preserving flower arrangements! Cold allows plants to better absorb water and thus moisturize themselves. So they last longer. Putting them in the fridge overnight or even away for us is therefore a very good idea for preservation.

refrigerator refrigerator refrigerator
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6) Black carbon

It’s a pretty special technology, but it works! Just pour a square of coal into the water and it will stop it from stopping. So the water will take longer if we don’t have time to change it.

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7) Scissors or pruning shears for cutting a bouquet

Slant the stems of the flowers a few centimeters to allow the juice to circulate better. Just do it around the corner almost every day. Your flowers therefore lasts longer thanks to this.

Credit Information: 2780243 / Pixabay