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How to remove moss from your terrace? 7 radical tips

After our tips against the lichens on the roof tiles, it’s time to move on to demoing the patio! Indeed, moss has the ability to invite itself to our paths between garden tiles. Indeed, weeds, moss and lichens always glide into hard-to-reach areas and quickly take over our patios and balconies. Not only does it clean, but it also stains and slips. And depending on the coating, you can’t always afford a high-pressure wash with a carcher to remove them. This can indeed make the tiles porous and affect the water resistance of the outdoor space. So here are some chemical-free tricks to get you out of the moss terrace.

Of course, in this case, it is possible to carry out a preventive waterproofing treatment in order to avoid recurrence in the event of a lack of moisture and sunshine. In addition, there is certainly a ready-to-use antifoam gel or spray on the market. However, beware of herbicides, which are often toxic and not very ecological. As for the bleach, it corrodes the materials and damage the patio, contaminating the soil and killing your plants. So favor mechanical solutions and natural grandmother products that are safe!

1) On the terrace, the elbow grease against the moss

moss terrace
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High-pressure washers are not always recommended on facades, roofs, gutters and terraces. On the other hand, you can rely on brushing and gentle removal of dirt and mold from the grease on your elbow. Rub and gently scrape your patio against the moss push brush, rigid brush or spatula. Then rinse gently to avoid damaging the treated surface, especially with a wooden deck. This mechanical cleaning allows the removal of thick foam residues before performing the treatment selected below.

2) Recycled cooking water as an anti-foaming treatment for terraces

boiling potato boiling water
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Rice cooking water, potato cooking water, pasta cooking water… We often recommend that you recycle your cooking water! If the water is still warm, it can help prevent the spread of moss in the various coatings in your outdoor space. And it works even better with starchy or salt water. Only pour it on all surfaces to be treated and spend time brushing and rubbing.

3) No cooking water on hand? Use salt water!

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Disposal of moss with brine is a damaged area away from lawns, ponds, plants and all vegetation. Salt is certainly not good for the health of crops (it is a very corrosive weed control). Not biodegradable, it is also dangerous contaminates the soil. For use, dilute the coarse salt in water (for example, rainwater if you collect it). Then apply the product with a syringe and rinse immediately. Salt has a rapid effect. Otherwise, you can also dig up the root of the moss and sprinkle it with coarse salt before rinsing quickly. It is very effective!

4) Soap to remove moss

dishwashing detergent
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To fight back moss Always use dishwashing detergent or black soap diluted in a bucket of water. If you have basil essential oil herbicidal and fungicidal properties, you can add a few drops to the bucket to make the product still the most fungicidal. Wet your push brush into it and rub the surface to be treated. Then repeat if necessary. Leave on for half a day before brushing and rinsing.

5) White vinegar against moss on the terrace

white garden vinegar
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For maximum efficiency, it can be used here clean or use hot water dilute it. Perform the treatment preferably in sunny weather and consider spraying vinegar directly on the moss root. All you have to do is let it work.

6) Bicarbonate, very effective against lichen

baking soda
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Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda per liter of hot water to the bucket. Apply this product to your wood, concrete or bitumen terrace and leave on for 30 minutes. Then take a broom and rub thoroughly before rinsing with clean water. Please note that baking soda can also be used to clean wooden or plastic garden furniture contaminated with moss.

7) Citric acid, a very strong essential ingredient against terrace moss

citric acid
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Citric acid is one of the best tips against moss on the patio. In fact, this organic product has drying effect remove moss quickly and effectively. There is a purpose for this two effective recipes.

– The first consists of diluting 300 g of citric acid, 75 g of baking soda, 7 drops of essential tea tree or basil oil and 10 ml of vegetable oil (castor, sunflower, coconut or canola) to 4 liters of lukewarm water.
– To the second recipe, add 600 g of citric acid, 150 g of baking soda and 20 ml of cooking oil to a bucket of lukewarm water.

Then spray the selected mixture on a very dry terrace and leave for three days before brushing and rinsing. You can also count on bad weather to flush the ground for you if heavy rain is expected.