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How to grow rose cuttings with potatoes

Whether perennials, flowers, shrubs and a wide variety of plants, pruning techniques are widely used in gardening. To achieve this, the gardener must take part of his plant with a pruning saw and create a new plant in the water or soil (in pots or buckets) from this piece. Ecological and economical, this method less restrictive of vegetative propagation than sowing is not always a success. However, to succeed in this delicate phase of the rose bush, we have a tip that will ensure effective rose cutting. With this tutorial, you can get beautiful roses thanks to a little elbow fat and a few potatoes!

Good to know: Gardeners can also make their own plug hormone. This promotes healing of the plant, strengthens the root system and promotes successful surgery.

What do you need:

– A small piece of land (if possible sunny) where you want to see your roses grow

– As many rose cuttings as potatoes

– Lapio

– Sekaterit

– Fertilizer

How to make a rose cut?

1. Start by uprooting the area where your roses will grow, and then dig holes at least 20 inches deep.

2. Add a little fertilizer and water.

3. Then prepare your cuttings, the branches should be about 50 cm, which you cut from the base by making an angle of 45 °.

4. Remove all leaves from the stem and then plant them in the middle of the potato. (Be careful, you don’t have to pierce the potatoes completely!)

5. All you have to do is put the stems in moistened soil, cover and water once more. After a few weeks, you should see the first buds emerging.

Once the roses are established, do not hesitate to protect and strengthen them with natural tips. Green manure and other natural repellents will give you long-lasting flowering. It is enough that you can enjoy the results of your work for a long time!