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How to clean a patio without spending too much

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All landscaping is exposed to bad weather. Although patio boards and their finishes are durable and low-maintenance, they get hit, and it’s not always clear what cleaners to use in different coatings to remove dirt while ensuring their durability and water resistance. Here are ecological tips for cleaning your patio. Stop wasting your money on Karcher or any other pressure washer! Grasp the push brush and follow these tips to clean all surfaces. No bleach required!

For cleaning the wooden deck

Although the composite wood or exotic natural wood used is non-rotting, it is often necessary to clean it with broom and lukewarm water with Marseille or black soap. Wood can also be removed by diluting sodium percarbonate with hot water (approximately 30 g / l). Apply the resulting solution with a brush to the wooden terrace boards. Leave on for twenty minutes and then rinse with water.

dirty wooden cover to be cleaned
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Concrete terrace for cleaning

Avoid using acidic cleaners (white vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) due to the longevity of the outdoor patio. A small amount of multi-purpose sodium bicarbonate or black soap diluted in water can clean the coating. To avoid stains and mold on the patio floor, dilute 2 tablespoons of baking soda to one liter of hot water and then rub each patch tile vigorously with a push brush. You can remove moss and dirt between the tiles of your outdoor patio by adding basil essential oil to your soapy water.

clean concrete terrace
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For tiled terrace or natural stone terrace

Rub your patio hard with soda crystals, black soap or Marseille soap added to water. If the seams are dirty, mix one volume of baking soda with one volume of lukewarm water, possibly lemon juice for whiteness and peeling!

brick floor
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