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How many vegetables should you grow yourself to save money?

If the taste of working in the country inspires more than one gardener, the fact that he is able to harvest and consume the fruits of his labor is also a wonderful source of happiness. On your balcony or in the vegetable garden you will grow quality fruits and vegetables, not forgetting the tasteless and often out-of-season fresh produce you will find in the shops. And most of all, growing vegetables and fruits allows for real savings, especially if you also grow aromatic herbs, potatoes, but also your own mushrooms for the household! But how much do you need to grow to save? And most importantly, how much do we save? Grandma says it all.

What are the savings when you plant vegetables yourself?

root vegetables
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In the beginning you have to do a few investments in order to start planting. Starting planting takes time and material. And luckily, here you can use salvaged materials to arrange your outdoor space and take used or rented tools to reduce those costs initially. However, once the vegetable garden is started and all the right tools are in your hands, saving will finally begin and never end!

However, these savings depend on the consumption of vegetables in each family, but also on the yield of each plant. for make a vegetable garden more profitable, choose the vegetables you like. Also consider the ease of cultivation and harvesting to grow them so you can quickly make this farm profitable. The harvest is, of course, one of the things that is difficult to predict due to various variables: soil quality, sunshine, location, diseases / pests, etc. However, it turns out that a family of three who cultivate ten different vegetables may save up to € 974. The annual savings for cherry tomatoes would be EUR 313.18, onions EUR 192.96, basil EUR 141.44, celery EUR 73.50, pumpkin EUR 65.28 and carrots EUR 44.74. Salad, dill, kale and garlic are also included in this calculation.

Any other ideas to save money or even make money in your garden?

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-Use water collector be able to save rainwater for irrigation and garden care. it is ecological and economic.
– Install mulch to protect the soil.
-Making compost from leftover food and vegetable waste is a zero-waste tea for making natural fertilizer. After decomposition, this composting takes care of the garden.
-Adopt chickens! They lay eggs several hundred eggs a year.
-Be sure to exchange plants, seedlings or seeds (vegetables and fruits, flowers, etc.) with other gardeners. In addition to serving and avoiding losses during a large harvest, it also helps avoid additional purchases. And above all, think collect seeds for the following year.
-Also you can make liquid manure, infusions, soups (nettle, horsetail, elderberry, herb, grape …). Thus, there is no need to buy pesticides against harmful insects and unwanted pests or chemical fertilizers.
-Last idea for those with a large garden: rent part of your plot to other people so they can start their own vegetable garden.