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Businesses need to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing environment and develop new companies. In the Business Environment interviewed owners and managers of companies to gain knowledge about new trends that are promising, profit-making strategies, and the best areas that are conducive to entrepreneurial ideas.

You should take into consideration the changes to the environment which will impact the economy of your country before you make the decision to launch your business in 2023. The government determines the areas that are prioritized by companies. A lot of players are being replaced by others that offer similar services. The market is evolving and consumers are searching for ways to save money.

Businesses are continuing to digitize and are growing by allowing individuals to work and live their lives online. It is possible to find “evergreen” business areas, where there is a constant demand for products or services.

17 experts took part in 17 experts took part in the Business Environment survey — the owners and managers of businesses that specialize in areas like accounting, finance, PR and consulting.

Dmitry Gachko, the creator of the ITGLOBAL.COM Group of Companies, and IT Crimea technopark spoke about the future of entrepreneurs; Dmitry Turkevich, the creator of the platform designed to automate the purchase of advertising MediaSniper and Development Director of TenCAR’s cloud automobile hire Gleb Lubennikov

Irina Smirnova, the owner the CEO and owner of Vash Accountant Group of Companies She shared her ideas on what kind of business could be launched in the coming year. Daniil Grunin, CEO of the SL-1 company group, also served as an advisor and director of commercial in the case of Slava LLC Alexey Maksimchenkov. Inna Perchits along with Alexander Elovkov were the financial directors of Neskuchnye Finansy and Inna Perchits.

Based on the founding and director of the Center for Development and Leisure for Children (Umka) Elena Zatsepina who is also the founder and head of the organization of centers for children’s languages (“Polyglotiki”) Elena Ivanova as well as the Methodologist and founder Diana Gladkikh who is the founder of Done Media PR bureau and Done Media Kafedra education platform Elvira Galaimova

Alysey Voytov the proprietor of Kapibara International sushi chain, offered ways for entrepreneurs to keep their faith even in times of uncertainty. Nikita Nazarov, marketing director at Lifehacker Coffee; founders of the network Mamaboss TatyanaPopovaMaria Romanovskaya co-founder of MI22 cosmetics brand

The business sector that is most promising for 2023

Experts believe that the priority areas of the state that it will support in the near future will increase. They comprise education, agriculture and defense. It also aids in medicine.

IT-related areas

Since the beginning of time the government has enacted various aid measures to help IT professionals and businesses. This is the primary reason that IT-related businesses have experienced an increase within both the business and the service industry.

These business ideas were formulated by experts:

  1. Provisioning IT services.
  2. Monitoring and developing tracking systems.
  3. Solutions for cybersecurity.
  4. IT Infrastructure Internet browsers and operating systems as well as other development software. It is difficult to develop products that are identical in quality to Western products, however, they aren’t made available to Russia. This is in reaction to the trend towards the substitution of imports.
  5. web 3.0 as well as crypto-related projects are built in blockchain-based technology.
  6. IT HR. All over the world there are IT professionals who are knowledgeable and competent. It’s difficult to find these professionals and maintain a constant flow of communications.

Education online and offline

Online learning is growing in 2023. New technologies are being developed. Online education for kids has seen a surge in popularity.

Experts suggest looking into these areas:

  1. Training in HTML0 Specialization in IT in addition to SMM. The people are learning techniques that enable them to work from anywhere around the globe. There is a demand for experts in cybersecurity and artificial Intelligence like developers, programmers herpetologists, programmers, and others.
  2. Advanced education via remote access and the international certificate. You’ll need to be able to adjust quickly to the latest applications and programs. The training courses that will aid you are highly desired. Online schools should be thinking about the possibility of entering markets in foreign countries.
  3. Learning to understand HTML0 and eventually be able to find an opportunity to work.
  4. Online education for children. Parents are more willing to learn via remote technology throughout the years following the outbreak of the disease. Distance learning is extremely popular whether as a result of preschool programs or further education.
  5. Learning foreign languages. Customers are more attracted to Chinese, Arabic, and languages from countries that are friendly to us.
  6. Assistance for kids. Children’s development centers house experts like neuropsychologists, speech therapists psychologists and neuropsychologists. In the past, they have been unable to handle lots of clients. There’s an increase of requests for consultation with vocational guidance specialists for middle and senior-school age children.

Elena Ivanova, chief founder and head of the organization for child language centres “Polyglotiki”,
Education, as well as other online businesses is growing in popularity against the background of declining coronavirus restrictions. Preschools place an enormous amount of trust in face-to-face instruction because they believe it’s more comfortable to meet the teacher.

This fall and summer the number of people applying to franchise Polyglotiki centers for children is 20percent higher than those in 2021 as well as 2021 seasons. This business model is suitable for those who want to start their own business by using a tried and tested business model.

Substitution of imports

The policy of Russia’s import substitution has created a variety of niches for entrepreneurs, such as software, industrial equipment logistics solutions clothing, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements.

The following was deemed by experts as many of the best business concepts:

  1. There are cosmetics available. Russian cosmetics are creating a buzz on the beauty market. But, over 80 percent of the foreign cosmetics are sold on stores, which means it is an important problem.
  2. Medical accessories including components.
  3. Locally produced consumer goods (FMCG) and games for young children. Tailoring deserves special attention. Russian clothing brands are growing in popularity because of the growing desire for stylish, high-quality, trendy clothes.
  4. Create spare parts for cars and machines for industry.
  5. Business-related to major industries.

Nikolai Morozov Executive Director of Profit: Profit:

Russian producers will not just make use of import substitution, but also generate a new demand for Russian consumers for products previously sold to markets in the foreign market. The companies will broaden their product lines and enhance their marketing strategies as well as technological equipment.

The Omsk company Profit Sibirskaya Bereza has increased its assortment of solid Birch Parquet and will launch it in the Russian market in 2022. The Russian consumer has a variety of birch plywood available in different sizes as well as colors and laying techniques.

Parallel Import and Related Directions

Both B2B and B2C continue to require imported products. It was essential to find reliable suppliers as well as efficient methods to transport items.

Experts search for promising concepts

  1. The parallel importation of both small and large household electronics, gadgets as well as appliances.
  2. Importation of shoes for sports as well as ammunition.
  3. The supply of equipment and machinery components to industries spare parts for machines, tools, as well as automobiles.
  4. Logistics for the management for the organization.
  5. Cargo transportation. Businesses and consumers are placing orders for more items and delivering them.
  6. Marketplace business. Marketplace websites let you sell a range of imported products. In general, marketplaces are booming.

Services for consulting and others

The development of new areas is done by companies, and the ideas of new people are created. There is a constant stream of clients who have expertise in areas of law, jurisprudence and law and also representatives from other related professions.

They are among the most sought-after services:

  1. consulting on logistics as well as consultancy on new markets.
  2. Financial consulting. Consultations for optimizing and reducing costs and refinancing of debt obligations.
  3. Assistance and support for legal issues.
  4. Anti-crisis management. Small and mid-sized enterprises with turbulent environments require support to improve business processes, establish management guidelines, and make operational enhancements.
  5. Services that cover marketing and advertising, as well as PR. Some promotional channels are not as effective and others have been upgraded and require new strategies. Both executives and entrepreneurs are more careful with the way they spend the advertising funds they have.
  6. Online consultations, medical services
  7. Psychotherapists, coaches and psychologists. These professionals are more sought-after because they are able to assist in overcoming anxiety and anxiety and uncertainty.
  8. The beauty industry provides services. The beauty industry isn’t slowing down.

A section in the economic system that’s focused on business

Business Environment interviewed experts who put different sectors of economic activity in separate blocks. This is due to the rising trend toward saving money and being frugal in the general population.

The current leaders and entrepreneurs are among the most promising concepts for the coming years.

  1. Catering services for the public. Food fast, cafes and coffee shops along with coffee vending.
  2. Discounts on Clothing and Food
  3. Budget dentistry.
  4. Services at affordable prices. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to look at what packages and services they could offer customers for free or with low risk to themselves, whether they are new or existing.

Repair and construction

The business prospects in the area received mixed feedback. The demand for second-hand as well as new houses has decreased. But, the government is supportive of builders as well as their products are sought-after in some areas of the country.

It is possible to begin an organization to repair residential properties or construction on the same scale as small-sized and medium-sized companies. They will be extremely sought-after.

Other destinations

Many entrepreneurs who are operating believe that their business will only succeed when it is run professionally and ethically.

Experts have identified the following areas of interest, which are not part of the categories listed above:

  1. Business of storage.
  2. Expose animals Hotels and shelters
  3. Guidelines for the agriculture sector. This is where support from the government will help companies develop strategies and put into practice.
Overview of the new rules and regulations for business support in 2022.

Business needs

Ideas for business models that are innovative

Experts are focused on business concepts on various scales, ranging including new direction for the country, which are created to replace foreign ideas to global breakthroughs.

Participants who participated in survey participants in the Business Environment Survey also pointed an entirely different method of business organization. This is due to the flexibility and flexibility of the model that underlies it, and the capacity entrepreneurs to swiftly and efficiently shift resources towards growth areas.

These suggestions were provided by experts in the field of business and entrepreneurs to help you plan your plans for 2023.

  1. Business in vacant niches. Packaging that is affordable for cosmetics and perfumes is a good instance. There’s not much variety in perfumes and creams.
  2. Science-based Technologies: Digital, Additive (3D printing of objects using diverse materials) using high-precision laser systems and other devices.
  3. Research laboratories are created for research and the production of herbal cosmetics. A lot of Russian native plants are used in cosmetics, however they aren’t widely used. This is expensive, however, it’s promising to set up labs to study the plant’s properties. Due to the success in Russian brands, this type of studies will be in high demand.
  4. Construction of infrastructure for the development of infrastructure for domestic tourism. In the past millions of tourists have visited Turkey, Egypt, and other countries, but never towards Kamchatka, Altai Baikal, Dagestan or Turkey. These areas will be home to greater numbers of people, which is why it is necessary for hotels to be constructed and glamping activities to be planned and for rental cars accessible to people of every level of fitness.
  5. The design of ethical consumer solutions.
  6. Production of organic and eco-friendly products.
  7. These platforms permit the creation of new products on marketplaces and open up market opportunities. Marketplaces enable small companies to locate buyers in Russia as well as the CIS countries.
  8. Digitalization of offline advertising channels Currently is underway, efforts are being made to enhance outdoor advertising businesses to measure the number of conversions and the ROMI.
  9. The design for AI products and devices to help businesses.
  10. Ergotherapy is a treatment for kids. This is a blend of methods for rehabilitation which are founded on pedagogy biomechanics, psychology, and physical therapy. It’s utilized to enhance the performance and growth of those who have lost the ability to move or live the same way that they did in the past.

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Ideas that require no investment

Experts believe it’s an effective solution to the current financial climate to invest in areas that have low operating expenses, intricate supply chains, as well as a large workforce.

Entrepreneurs who are in the business of acting are advised to be cautious when investing in concepts that require only a small amount of capital. It is likely that a startup or MVP won’t require any capital. Scaling up will require lots of resources.

Experts have not seen the possibility of establishing an enterprise that is low-cost. The owners and managers of companies believe that each business especially large one has to be primarily invested. It is necessary to have funds to update and redesign an asset that has been pre-designed. Additionally, you will require funds to maintain the company’s financial stability in the event of a decline in sales or other unexpected circumstances.

The optimistic identified a range of possible directions that require minimal to moderate capital for start-up.

Business, promotion as well as helping to provide advice

Highly sought-after are professionals on legal advice as well as market analysis and business management, as well as the creation of an effective PR plan. These tasks can be launched by those with the appropriate skills. To conduct remote consultations over the Internet you’ll need to acquire equipment and also services.

Marketing services are highly sought-after. This includes employees of agencies as well as freelancers. Private traders must make the same level of investment as consultants. The cost of training in similar fields, or more advanced training could also be included in the cost.

Services for children

Children’s specialists and their assistants may lease small offices, or even visit clients’ homes. A large investment in class management doesn’t require arts therapy sand therapy or fairytale therapy.

franchise business

A lot of franchises offer lump-sum payouts as well as royalty rates with varying cost. It is possible to choose one that has the lowest operating costs and has a product that is relevant. For opening a center for children the franchisees could invest up to 500 thousand rubles. The investment averages to pay off in between 6 and 9 months. The monthly net profit is around 200,000 rubles.

Business-minded hobbyists in search of opportunities to make money

It’s much easier to turn a hobby into earning money as opposed to generating money through a brand-new activity. It’s worth putting your money into the development of goods and services.

In the past guidelines for eating healthy are constantly evolving. There are numerous options available for diets ready-made which can be modified to vegan and hypoallergenic as well as healthy sweets. It’s easy to design a menu or cook homemade sweets when you’re at home or working in a workshop.

minor home repairs fans may work as a self-employed contractors and operate independently or join a business and join teams. There is no requirement to buy expensive equipment.

Other destinations

Experts suggest paying close focus to the transportation of cargo for those who require heavy goods to be shipped from warehouses and factories or transported from one location to another.

Another possibility for starting your own business is selling electronics in China.


These are the most profitable business ideas to be considered in 2023.

Business owners and managers were aware of this opportunity to make huge profits in these fields.

  1. FMCG manufacturing.
  2. Projects in IT.
  3. The opening of a luxurious beauty salon. In the industry of beauty there’s a general rule: The level of the salon determines the profit. They invest more in the interior, logos and uniform for masters and a promotion strategies. The average amount of money will be greater.
  4. Finance and sales training.
  5. Businesses that are focused on keeping physical and mental health in check.

It’s not a good decision to open a new company.

Experts believe that it is an intentional failure to think within the framework logic using”not” as the suffix “not”. Their theories suggest that there is a way to be successful each year in any area of business. It is essential to organize your finances and consider the potential risks. It is also essential to have an experienced team.

But, the owners and managers of companies may have different concepts that may not work under the current conditions.

  1. Catering businesses. Big catering companies and costly establishments have been a disappointment in recent times.
  2. Event agencies. Events that are not meaningful will not be as popular.
  3. Cinemas and film rentals.
  4. Travel and tourism in international destinations and travel agencies and hotels
  5. Companies that have foreign-owned companies as well as countries that are not friendly for them.
  6. Import and export of goods by companies that cannot predict situations with high risk.
  7. Projects do not fall into the essential category.
  8. Real estate services.
  9. Investments.
  10. Projects with longer payback periods.


Entrepreneurs today have a smaller time frame to plan their projects. Experts suggest that entrepreneurs begin this process by 2023, since they’ll be returning quickly to their investment. All current activities should focus on the future for at least one month. If it is necessary it is suggested to change to manual mode and do the work “here” and “now”.

Business owners and managers believe that ethics are the most important aspect of their company and the crucial to the success of their business. Entrepreneurs who have been around for a while acknowledge that these concepts ought to be put into practice in order to earn profits from your company.