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Here are 12 herbs to grow to grow your pharmacy!

People’s taste for herbal medicines (herbal medicines) is not new. Herbs and medicinal plants have been used for centuries to cure all ailments. Let’s do it right: natural medicines are no substitute for medical treatment. However, the wise use of the power of medicinal plants can improve everyday life and soothe all the small ailments of everyday life. And it’s even more fun when you just need to reach out to fix what we need! Instead of going to the pharmacy or herbalist, also find all the easy-to-grow medicinal plants you should invite to the pot at home or in your garden. With a small corner of the medicinal garden you can grow your own pharmacy!

1) Aloe Vera, the most popular medicinal plants to be grown

aloe vera skin
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Aloe Vera gel is valued for its moisturizing power on the skin and hair. However, there are many of these medical virtues and they are often not recognized! From soothing sunburn to insect-relieving burns external use is unlimiteds. However, it can also be used internally. When ingested, it helps reduce indigestion (constipation, gas and swelling). It is also involved in regulating blood sugar levels.

2) Lavender, iconic for good reasons

Lavender infusion
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Lavender has much more to offer than just the scent of Provence. It is antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative and sedative Swiss Army knife. Effective, it’s a sure bet when you don’t really know what to use. Plus, it’s a great classic. If you have little space and therefore little space to install all the plants you want, at least consider him. Sleep disorders, indigestion, breathing or cardiovascular disorders, headaches, skin diseases (acne, psoriasis, rash…), it is very simple: nothing is afraid of him! And besides, cultivating it keeps mosquitoes, flies, etc. away.

3) in lemon balm: a safe alternative to medicinal plants

lemon balm iced tea
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Lemon balm has a relaxing medicinal plant in a stressful situation and a friend of the digestive tract. In addition, our grandmothers were well aware of its benefits for children suffering from indigestion or over-excitement. However, adults also like its sedative properties in indigestion and various disorders surrounding digestion (gases, etc.). During a period of nervousness, it calms the anxiety states very quickly. In addition, everyone appreciates both its aroma and taste.

4) Peppermint, a versatile product of medicinal plants

infusion menthe
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Certainly gardeners are a little afraid of it because of its highly invasive side. However, if you plant it in a pot, you will get peppermint useful every day. At the end of a meal, it helps you digest better and breathe better. Its anticonvulsant power is really effective in the digestive tract and it stimulates bile and digestive secretions. What to feel light and relaxed after a big meal! Its benefits also extend to a headache that, like its essential oil, does not bend with it!

5) Basil: as delicious as useful

basil essential oil
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We love it in tomato salads, but it’s much more than just an aromatic herb! In his CV, he shows skills such as anticonvulsant, stimulant, antipyretic (anti-fever) or even digestive enhancing effects. You see: basil is one of them the best herbal remedies for digestive problems : indigestion, swelling, nausea and vomiting, heartburn, etc. It can also help fight fatigue by improving your cognitive abilities. Finally, with two infusions a day in the long run, you can reduce your seasonal allergies.

6) rosemary

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In food or cooking, rosemary only shines with its excellent taste. It is one of the most recommended medicinal plants for liver crisis to stimulate and supportliver, gastrointestinal and renal function (not to mention that it acts as a true lipid regulator!). Excellent for digestion, it also improves blood circulation and eliminates fatigue. Like basil, it stimulates brain activity and memory in particular.