Ford cars have learned to “draw” clues on the road with light!

Ford engineers are working on “smart” headlights. It is assumed that with their help it will be possible to throw various symbols and inscriptions on the road in front of the car. The innovation is designed to improve road safety. For example, you can inform the driver of the appearance of ice on the surface or of a difficult turn ahead. There are also more complex use cases. The headlights can “draw” the obstacle avoidance trajectory.

Ford cars have learned to

Interestingly, Ford not only cares about drivers, but also about pedestrians. It turns out that the headlights will be able to “draw” the zebras of the pedestrian crossings, if they are barely visible on the platform. These headlights can be connected to a standard car navigation system. In this case, some of the navigation prompts (turn direction, traffic jam information, traffic lights ahead) may also be displayed on the road. In addition, the headlights will be able to project the width of the car. In order to more accurately assess whether the car will fit in the parking space or whether it is worth looking for a more suitable option.

In general, this will help the driver be less distracted from control and have full control over the movement of the vehicle. Something similar has already been implemented in the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Range Rover Sport. Their headlights are also capable of assisting the driver during night journeys. If Ford implements “smart” headlights in its cars, this attractive option will become more common.

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