Examples of interesting startups – 37 startups from around the world

The most intriguing and successful startups that you’ve never ever heard of. Startups that hail from Russia, Europe, America, and Asia.

The concept of a startup can be fully manifested in the operations that are carried out by AMMA. AMMA company, which created the technology of pregnancy monitoring. Today, more than 2 million women are using the service. Forbes magazine says within its articles the fact that AMMA is the next startup’s unicorn.


It is important to note that the startups that have evolved into companies with a market capitalization greater than $1 billion are referred to as unicorns.

Here are the most successful startups, including living and useful examples.

The top startups in Russia

Russian startup companies are famous around the globe and have had great success However, the number of innovative and innovative projects on Russia is quite limited. Russian market is quite low. The most successful startups in Russia were ranked according to these order of importance:

InDriver or a start-up founded in Yakutia. Residents of Yakutia struggled against pricing monopolies of taxi drivers locally and led to the formation of a a social networking site, where drivers offered a ride to city residents at a reasonable cost. After six years InDriver has seized 120 cities. By 2021, the capitalization of InDriver was over $1 billion. Bloomberg described the startup concisely “Siberian Uber”.

Delimobil is a car-sharing service. Delimobil is in most populous Russian cities, and permits people living in cities to save money on car maintenance and maintenance. You can simply purchase a ride on the app and then locate the closest vehicle. You must leave it in a specific parking spot and then close the purchase. The year 2021 was the one in which Delimobil received investments of the sum of 75 million dollars.

VisionLabs. The company is an innovator in biometrics. Their facial recognition software has been hailed as the best within the United States. In 2021 the machine learning and computer vision company raised $95 million.

hover surf is a company that is involved in the creation of flying vehicles. The products offered by the company include cargo drones with a motorbike that is flying as well as an autonomous taxi. The company has agreements with automakers of all kinds, as well as its services are likely to be utilized by Sberbank as well as The Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Mange Moi is an online service for food recycling. It allows you to purchase discounted food restaurant owners are planning stop serving. He is currently working in eight cities and has a relationship with more than 500 restaurants and cafes.

Ecwid is a web-based builder which allows you to swiftly build online stores with no any programming knowledge. As of now, the total number of users using the software is 1.5 million.

Nocodesetup . Russian start-up that operates in the area of software and information technology. It’s a tool that allows users to develop applications with no programming.

iFarm (Russia). The startup is developing modern urban agriculture technology that allows anyone to cultivate fresh berries, vegetables and other fruits for commercial or private use throughout the year, no matter the season.

BitRussia is a company in the field of financial technology. Startups are digital platform that provides its customers the opportunity to connect with an investment manager. The company also permits its clients to create projects within the fields of crowdfunding, banking, insurance and crowdfunding.

View . Startup in the field of analytics and business intelligence. The company has created a platform that provides its customers with databases intended to help players in the VC\Hi-Tech market. Analytical and advisory services allow clients to have a complete picture of current trends. Dsight provides its customers with access to databases of startups, investors and events.

buy eyes . It is a real-time shopping platform. The platform engages bloggers and influencers to sell products virtually through live streams. This is a popular and growing sales technique. Eyebuy was founded in 2020 by Ruslan Krylov and Sergey Vart. Since 2020, the company has completed a round of financing. $95,000 was raised.

bravo vert is a Russian biotech start-up. The company strives to create plant-based meat for a broad consumer audience. Welldone specializes in the production of ground meats and vegetable burgers.

junistat is a Russian startup working in the field of artificial intelligence. It is a mobile application that helps young footballers to improve their skills. Using tests that can be taken in the app, the player can submit applications to football schools and academies. The app also works in reverse. Scouts and academies can also find the most experienced players on the app.

The Russian startup ecosystem is growing and growing rapidly, becoming a bigger player. Almost every year, new successful startups appear in Russia.

Examples of European and American startups

It is worth paying attention to other startups from Europe and the United States, which have not yet entered the list of unicorns, but have every chance of doing so. Each of them has attracted multi-million dollar investments and is successfully operating in the market. Examples of such companies:

  • Omnipresent is a worldwide personnel recruitment service, created in Great Britain.
  • Croustillant – online shop for organic products, the Netherlands.
  • Sana Laboratories – advanced training site based on artificial intelligence, Sweden.
  • Wind X1 – a floating wind farm company, Spain.
  • Manne – drone food and medicine delivery service, Ireland.
  • Capability – business organizer using artificial intelligence, United States.
  • Berba. Sales search startup for B2B companies introduced in Spain in 2020. Founded by Javier Darriba and Tony Perez, it is a unique search platform for B2B companies. The software guides research teams for customer management and sales.
  • Bloody birds. Helps SaaS fund growth. The startup was introduced in 2020. Founded by Luis Basagoiti, Ignacio Moreno, Przemek Gottfried, and Miguel Fernandez Larrea, this platform allows SaaS companies to operate as if all customers are paying upfront.

More Refrigerator is an American startup with Russian roots. Anton Gladkoborodov and Pavel Danilov are graduates of the Y Combinator startup accelerator. Young professionals created a cloud-based fast food store. The project delivers meals from fresh products, the main idea of ​​the project is amazing speed, delivery takes 15 minutes for 1 mile. Customers place an order through a mobile app, and couriers on scooters and bicycles deliver food at lightning speed. Two funding rounds have raised over $30 million for the Russians.

Prodly – ​​American startup Max and Daniel Roudmanov . The development is an analogue of the home system “1C”. In America, there were no such built-in solutions, so the Russians managed to adapt familiar features to the needs of Western companies. $17 million raised as an investment helped successfully launch a startup. The brothers follow a predetermined pattern and launch similar projects with enviable regularity.

Radiate – non-profit startup Alexa Stéphanie . The project is a crowdfunding platform where users help disadvantaged people who have no means of subsistence. The homeless publishes his own story and writes about his problems. Philanthropists track the intended use of donated funds and stages of socialization – homeless people share stories of successful education or renting a home.

Startups from all over the world

Exemples de démarrage

Mr. Pago (Mexico) . this fintech- a platform that allows affiliated businesses to accept debit and credit card payments, and facilitates resource allocation and cash withdrawals.

Citibeats . AI social data analysis platform developed in 2020. Founded by Ivan Caballero, this startup is a data-driven social intelligence platform that helps public administrations and governments understand the real needs of citizens and make decisions the most enlightened.

Coneta (Mexico) . This company offers a variety of secure and easy payment options to over 2,000 businesses and over 19,000 OXXO affiliate stores, which can charge by cash, card or wire transfer. The startup was introduced in 2020.

VIPChild (China, United States). This is a company dedicated to teaching English to children and young people at affordable prices. Their lessons are personalized and ensure distraction-free learning in a helpful and efficient way.

Colvin (Spain, Italy and Germany). Startup dedicated to the sale of flowers and plants online with delivery in several European countries. It has 120 employees and raised 14 million euros in 2020 to finance its expansion.

Interesting on the subject:

VU Security (Argentina) . The startup’s goal is to provide security services to prevent online fraud and protect user identities. The startup offers services in the areas of biometrics, fraud prevention, identity protection and risk management.

Solein (Finland) . A startup has unveiled a biotech solution that makes it possible to produce natural proteins anywhere using air and electricity. This bioprocess offers a new technological platform for nutritious food ingredients, alternatives to plant-based meats or cultured meats. The startup was introduced in 2020.

Albi Home M+ – smart wine dispenser. The dispenser can be controlled remotely, is compatible with voice assistants and can serve wine at the ideal temperature. It is one of the best startups of 2021.

EVmatch (USA) . The startup uses peer-to-peer (P2P) to charge electric vehicles. With this app, customers can easily find and book charging stations anywhere. EVmatch app includes geolocation, booking, payments and pricing algorithm.

99Starz is a start-up in the UAE which was founded in 2021. The company operates in the blockchain industry and allows gamers to play video games and earn money.

IA (USA) . It is a platform that provides services for smart homes. It is intended for the elderly. The startup works with housing operators to redesign, build and operate homes for the elderly. Representatives ensure security and perform remote actions, such as real-time fault detection.

Englease is a startup in the UAE. The company offers students an online environment for flexible English learning. Classes are held live, which guarantees the best interaction. The startup helps people living in the Middle East and North Africa region learn one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. The company was founded just a few years ago and has since managed to attract many investors.

Koala’s Choice is a UAE startup that was founded in 2019 and is currently based in Dubai. The company aims to stay ahead of the baby snack market by making it healthier and healthier for kids.

Today, startups have penetrated into all spheres of life, they offer:

  • helping the homeless and the sick;
  • pet insurance;
  • delivery of vegetarian meals;
  • virtual events;
  • tests before pregnancy.

It is useful and important for people to follow new projects, and investing in leaders will also increase their savings.

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