Earth’s past and future through the “eyes” of artificial intelligence

Perhaps the most interesting questions are the questions about the past and the future. These are whole sciences that demand to be studied. Accumulated knowledge of the past provides a better understanding of the course of history, and forecasts provide insight into future prospects. Scientists decided to summarize the whole history of the Earth in a short video, the duration of which does not exceed three minutes.

The past and the future of the Earth through the

This was made possible by using the capabilities of artificial intelligence. The neural network created a video titled “Time travel”. It fully reflects its essence. His work was done according to 36 consecutive requests describing different eras. The beginning of the video is marked by the events of the Big Bang, when galaxies formed from cosmic dust.

Then it is shown how the Earth came to be as we saw it, starting from a formless stone. Life began to appear there, the first animals and humans appeared. All evolutionary development is shown. Scientists weren’t afraid to look to the future as they directed the StableDiffusion neural network to create a futuristic video sequence. It should show what life on Earth will look like in the centuries to come. The whole video can be watched in one breath, it fascinates and makes you think about what a person is and why they were given life…

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