Do you need an extractor hood in the kitchen?

A modern kitchen is hard to imagine without a good extractor hood. During daily cooking, a lot of grease, steam and odors are generated, which must be removed immediately. That’s why many housewives are faced with the question: buy a kitchen hood or will natural ventilation suffice?

Do you need an extractor hood in the kitchen?

Why do you need an extractor hood in the kitchen?

The kitchen hood is a compact device that works on the principle of forced ventilation. Designed to purify the air in the room from soot, grease, odors, fumes and other impurities that occur during the heat treatment of food. When the hood is working, grease does not settle on the ceiling and walls, and the air in the room is cleaned in a short time, remains fresh and clean.

Do you need an extractor hood in the kitchen?

Among the main advantages of this device, the following should be noted:

  1. compactness. The kitchen hood takes up little space. Built-in models can be mounted in kitchen cabinets.
  2. Power. The performance of the device depends on this indicator. It is calculated taking into account the volume of the room.
  3. Feature. The hood quickly and effectively cleans the air of odors, combustion products and harmful fumes.
  4. Easy to install. Installation of the device does not require special knowledge and skills. No additional tubing for the air duct is required.
  5. Large range of products. Devices of different brands are on sale. Products differ in design and color, size and shape. It can be either a standard 50cm kitchen hood or narrower/wider models.

Varieties of hoods

Do you need an extractor hood in the kitchen?

According to the principle of operation, kitchen hoods can be arranged in two ways:

  • Extractors with external air supply. The principle of operation of such a device is to supply clean air. However, when installing such hoods, problems can arise when installing air ducts.
  • Circulation hoods. During operation, the air inside the room is recirculated. Such devices are easy to install, as they can be universally placed in any room.

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