ByteCoin cryptocurrency: history, storage, and mining

The title of the principal cryptocurrency on the market bears bitcoin, which has the most capitalization and the most fame. However, there is little knowledge of the “dark” ByteCoin, with less cost and a lower amount of use. This altcoin is a promising growth option which is why it’s worth asking why and who it could be intriguing.

Bytecoin (BCN) Also known in the field of “dark” cryptocurrency or DarkNet currency:

      • It is distinguished by total anonymity, and the inability to identify information regarding the sender and the recipients of the funds.
      • The threshold for the issue will be 184.5 million of coins.

Mining and technology

The cryptographic foundation for the protocol was created around 2001, with Adi Shamir Ron Riveston and Yael Thaumman. The protocol was then finalized in 2007 with E. Fujisaki and K. Suzuki. The company’s employee network has expanded substantially and includes several hundred employees across different countries around the world.

Bitcoin is an open-source proof of the work. In the course of operation, it uses it uses the CryptoNight algorithm that has a ring signature is utilized to ensure the highest level of anonymity on the network. The Ring signature algorithm is an adaptation of the EdDSA algorithm, which was developed by American mathematical genius Daniel Breitenstein.

To mine it, for mining, the AES command system designed for x86 microprocessors is employed. This is why cryptocurrency mining is less efficient than using video cards, however, it is possible to mine cryptocurrency using the central processor of the computer. The central processor allows one to improve the efficiency of computers with no specialization in line with the principles of egalitarianism.

The processing of transactions happens due to the ability of miners to process transactions every two minutes. Mining on your own at this point of the network is not efficient Therefore, pools are employed for mining, as is the case with other cryptocurrencies. For additional revenue, it is possible to mine cryptocurrency even on super-powered computers, and up to 1500 coins every day (which is not as much considering the market price of Bytecoin). ).

How to get/sell/exchange Bytecoins?

The Bytecoin infrastructure is now comprised of several cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers via which the operations are carried out They include:

      • HitBTC is among the most advanced crypto exchanges that can work with all currencies that are built upon CryptoNotes.
      • Poloniex is among the biggest BCN exchanges that can be used for trading.
      • Cryptonator – Here Bytecoin is available for purchase at dollars, euros, rubles, or even hryvnias.
      • Coinspot is a valuable service if you are in Australia. It is possible to purchase BCN here using Australian dollars.
      • Acura is a second cryptocurrency exchange that lets you to swap your BCN in dollars.
      • Changelly is an exchanger that can work alongside other cryptocurrencies as well as bank cards.

At 06/27/2018, the mean exchange rate for Bytecoin on floors for trading was 0.002526 USD (which is less than 8% of prior positions). Bitcoin is currently declining in value, in line with the general trend in the market that was set by Bitcoin and other important altcoins. It is worth noting that Bytecoin was, in the midst of having the biggest market capitalization not significantly different in costs, which could be explained as a limited target market and an absence of interest from investors for the currency.

Another method of earning coins at no cost is to use ByteCoin faucets that offer users a small amount of cash when they complete captchas or watch advertisements. Also, it’s not worth using faucets as a method to earn an ongoing and steady income. There are many people who pay wages and some even work for a short period of time, ranging from the end of the month.

Ways to Store Bytecoin

To keep Bytecoins in your wallet, you must have a Bytecoin wallet. Since 2017, this can be completed on Bytecoin’s official site. Prior to the introduction of the wallet online there was a Lite variant of the accounts that was accessible via the command line (extremely uncomfortable to use) and a full version that comes with software downloads and an encrypted blockchain database that holds data for 5 decades of data.

There’s as well an alternative, which is not the official Bytecoin Wallet by Freewallet Developer. The features of this wallet let you easily utilize Bytecoin, perform cross-currency transfers with other wallets, to replenish your account, transfer or withdraw the coin as well as track its value on the market.


ByteCoin is, first and foremost, an untraceable and secure cryptocurrency used for trades on Dark Web, which explains its low value on the market. On the other hand, the currency has been in circulation for quite a while and is continuously evolving due because of the work done by the developers.

The technology behind the coin lets you trade it on some of the most well-known exchanges and exchangers and also save it to multiple wallets simultaneously. It also has the benefit of the fact that there is an official website, which includes maps and creator details. If ByteCoin is able to rise in its “shadow” and become widely accessible to everyone, not just those from”the “dark” Internet, we could see rapid growth in the value of its coin.

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