Austrian scientists have found a way to increase wifi coverage radius

Have you ever imagined that Wi-Fi could pass through walls? But Austrian scientists have already done it! By creating a method that increases the range of Internet coverage, they have literally transformed Wi-Fi into a “piercing vehicle”. Admittedly, this functionality is currently not accessible to the general public, but everything is going in this direction!

Austrian scientists have found a way to increase the radius of wifi coverage

After much research, scientists have found that radio waves do not pass through walls, but simply bounce off them and wind around the room like a “labyrinth” until they reach a physical object. Also, more often than not, radio waves never reach their target and are scattered around obstacles.

In a study published in the journal Nature, Austrian scientists noted that it is enough to apply a special material to the walls (the signal waves will be much less likely to be reflected by an obstacle) for the transmitted signal to reach devices faster and better.

Any new equipment that will have such a function does not require any in-depth knowledge of the structure of a particular wall. You will only need to know the reflection coefficient. This data transmission method will be available for all communication frequencies.

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