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An effective natural recipe to get rid of it

Between harmful and pests (aphids, Colorado beetles, snails, etc.) and fungal diseases (Alternaria, curling of peach leaves, downy mildew, etc.), our vegetable plants and other fruit trees can be severely damaged. However, among gardeners, my mold is often the best known and most feared. If nothing is done to prevent infection, the fungus can spread quickly to all parts of the plant. All infected plants should be removed from the garden or vegetable site to prevent further spread. How many crops were lost due to these spores that cause black and brown spots on the leaves and fruits! There is no need to use chemical plant protection products to eradicate this destructive fungal disease. Here’s Grandma’s recipe for mold that you absolutely must know.

With this natural medicine that gives priority to essential oils, you avoid using a Bordeaux mixture whose copper can contaminate the soil.


-1 l of clay milk
(We’ll give you the recipe below, which you can make with water and green or white clay.)
-Black soap or dishwashing detergent
-20 drops of oregano essential oil

tomato mold
Authors: Wikimedia Commons / Rasbak

A recipe for an effective fungal medicine

Start by making clay milk!

Clay milk helps to dilute the essential oil. It still works e.g. adhering liquid support attach to the plant and allow for a more durable and effective treatment. To do this, mix a flat teaspoon of superfine clay with a liter of rainwater. Make sure the powder is diluted correctly. It is ready!

So we can continue our home remedy prescription …

Dilute 20 drops of essential oil in half a teaspoon of black soap or spray dishwashing detergent. Then add a glass of rainwater and emulsify with a whisk. Finally, mix this preparation with clay milk and pour into the spray. You can easily spray your solution on the areas to be treated and the affected plants.

This healing product should preferably be sprayed early in the morning, from daylight. Avoid using it in direct sunlight. Don’t hesitate to use it at the first signs late plague. This will prevent your symptoms from getting worse!

Are other essential oils effective against mold?

tomato disease mold vegetable garden
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The fungicidal properties oregano oil works against different types of mold (tomatoes, potatoes, vines, roses, etc.). Other combinations may also be useful, always at the same dilution: eucalyptus globulus essential oil and lemon essential oil, sage and orange essential oil or even rosemary essential oil with cineole, tea tree essential oil and Java lemongrass essential oil.

Also consider applying the advice given here to prevent garden diseases. Enough to save your headaches and make your gardening easier all year round!