Africa’s highest stratovolcano is connected to the Internet

The stopping point at the top of Kilimanjaro is at the Horombo refuge at 3720 meters above sea level. Tanzanian Communications, Science and Technology Minister Nape Nnauye described the availability of internet connectivity at the busy camp on the way to the summit as a historic milestone.

Kilimanjaro: Africa's highest stratovolcano is online

The connection makes the mountain even safer, says Nnauye. The Minister also hopes that the internet connection will increase the presence of the mountain on social networks, and therefore the influx of tourists. This will allow Tanzania to receive additional revenue for the country’s treasury. Because the mobile communications company that provides web access is state owned.

Probably, by the end of 2022, photos and online broadcasts of the summit of Kilimanjaro, the height of which is 5895 meters, will be available to everyone who conquers this peak.

Today, around 35,000 climbers travel to Kilimanjaro each year. This makes the mountain an important economic factor for Tanzania and neighboring Kenya.

In Tanzania, there are considerations for making it easier to climb the mountain with a cable car. This appeals to ordinary tourists, but irritates the expedition industry, “serious climbers” and environmentalists.

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