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8 Grandma’s Tips for Getting Rid of Snails

Snails are not small creatures valued by gardeners. In the garden and in the vegetable garden, they can indeed cause great damage. After an unwanted nibble on lettuce and young shoots, we quickly find that we want to get rid of these pests. But how to hunt them around plants without pesticides and other not very ecological chemicals? Of course, we can use organic repellents based on ferric phosphate (or ferric sodium). However, there are also 100% natural methods of repelling snails that we usually already have at home. Eh yes! As always, Grandma’s tips offer very affordable natural solutions against snails.

By the way, remember that snails are more active and harmful at night. In order to attract them with moist pot soil, take a good way to water in the morning. This simple and very effective gesture limits much of the damage to your garden without toxic products or the gardener’s special effort! In fact, the soil has time to dry during the day and it seems less hospitable to them.

1) Simply pick up!

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Wrap your sleeves, take courage in both hands and collect snails to free them from your vegetable garden. You can also use half grapefruit, a piece of wood, a piece of cardboard or a tile. Place it directly on the ground. There is also a more aesthetic solution: put the flower pot upside down, leaving an opening for them to pass through. Snails are fleeing from below before sunrise. The next day all you have to do is turn them over for harvest.

2) Bait the snails to get rid of them better

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The first is the famous beer trap to create control. Take a cup and fill it with beer. Only place it next to the plants you want to protect. Replace the tank every 2 or 3 days. On the other hand, this classic solution is not always unanimous because of it sometimes attracts all the neighborhood snails… Even those who hadn’t planned to come to your garden! In addition, snail enemies (beetles and beetles in the lead) have tend to come even if drowned. So it’s not very good to stop an attack … Otherwise you can lure them with fresh herbs, sliced ​​potatoes or bran. Once you are attracted, you can pick them up and leave them elsewhere.

3) Useful powders against snails

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First, it is possiblespread coffee grounds around the young plants. Snails and snails hate caffeine. And in addition to having a repellent effect, it acts as a fertilizer for the garden. Alternatively, pour 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch into the jar and set it aside where they are. corn starch blows their stomachs and kills them. Of course, this is not the solution we recommend the most, because it means killing the animal. However, this may need to go through in the event of a major attack … It is also possible to sprinkle salt on them to kill them. Again, this is a solution used as a last resort, especially when excessive salt in the soil is not good for the environment.