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7 vegetables and plants that are very easy to grow

Nothing is more rewarding than literally reaping the rewards of your efforts! When trying to set up a vegetable garden, the idea of ​​growing onions, chard, asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, cabbage and other peppers can be especially scary. We already don’t always know where to start. And can we really make our seedlings flourish and take care of the demanding maintenance of the garden? What if it wasn’t the right season? These are all questions that revolve around our minds and prevent us from embarking on this new adventure that, however, is already exciting our taste buds. Keep in mind, however, that growing some popular fruits and vegetables is harder than they seem. Check out these easy vegetables that even the greatest novice gardeners can plant, care for and harvest!

1) Aromatic plants

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Aromatic plants are ideal for growing on a small balcony, window sill or in a warm corner of the vegetable garden. It must be said that these delicious aromatic herbs are growing practically alone, just like perennials in the wild, relying on nature to grow quietly. Not very demanding in terms of soil quality and watering density, but some can even quickly force themselves, such as mint, which takes up space and usually grows quickly and well (sometimes even too much!). Treat yourself to chives, sage, thyme or salty, as fresh as they are necessary in any recipe. As for the basilica, it’s waiting a little more watering so it doesn’t turn yellow. However, the “good foot” still exists, especially in a landless culture.

2) Zucchini, one of the easiest vegetables

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Zucchini does not need to be cut and does not actually require special maintenance. However, don’t do him insult to plant it during the cold seasons ! Be sure to plant it from May as the soil begins to warm and become more hospitable. In addition, it is enough to keep the substrate moist regular watering without watering the leaves to prevent mildew. Do not hesitate to enrich your soil with a little compost during planting or sowing and keep it well drained. One last tip for a good harvest: combine it with aromatic herbs or flowers to attract the pollinators necessary for its growth!

3) Tomato: a classic!

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Around May, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes like to plant them. During this time, they are also most easily found in pots to make life easier! Beautiful sun, light humus-rich land, little space with its neighbors in order not to get sick, as well as the guardian: the tomato requires no more to start growth. There are also many easy tips for improving your harvest. This is the case, for example suppression of greed or spread chopped nettle into green manure. And for watering (in the morning, never in the evening), no need to do too much. Tomatoes that contain too much water quickly lose their flavor because it tends to stress them out!

4) squash

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Like its cousin, zucchini, pumpkin is planted around May. This gives time to grow gently, soaking up the sun all summer to get a tasty harvest for the start of the school year in September. His main need is a regular watering, especially in the beginning to help the fruit grow bigger. And because of the biodiversity and pollination in the garden, don’t spare nearby flowering fallow areas. Visits by butterflies, bumblebees, wasps or bees will help it succeed.