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6 good reasons to make your own vegetable garden

Cultivating the land and making your own vegetable garden, growing fruits and vegetables and harvesting is a laborious job, but so rewarding. You can create your vegetable garden and implement it in harmony with the environment! Having trouble finding the motivation to grow in your garden? Here are 6 reasons that are sure to change your mind. You will soon take your shovel and home garden!

1) It is environmentally friendly

When we decide to start a garden, it is possible to choose the treatments to be given to our plants. Do you have an ecological conscience? So you can choose not to use chemicals and prefer natural or organic products. Treat your plants against potential colonizing and invasive insects, use so-called auxiliary insects instead of products. And if it’s green, it’s also because it’s the house’s own production, so it’s not that not imported from distant lands.

2) It is also economical

There are many benefits to making your own vegetable garden, especially economy! When you create your vegetable garden, you really need to invest in it specific material to finish your production. However, Once this material is purchased, it will last for years, and you only have to buy seeds and other plants. The tomato stalk provides you with important fruit production to harvest, and the same goes for other purchases. Lettuce seeds are also inexpensive, and the seeds of some fruits and vegetables can be spared, germinated, and replanted the following year. All this makes your vegetable garden an economic solution wherever you are pay the right price for the food.

growing tomato plants
Authors: Wikimedia Commons / Dan Gold

3) Whole vegetable garden

The home garden offers you many health benefits. First of all, it is a pretty perfect physical activity that employs many muscles! Try digging, planting, turning the ground, mowing the grass… You will see it maintaining your garden will also keep you physically fit. Your vegetable garden is also good for your health, as you can get healthy products that are grown naturally and without pesticides. It’s also a moment of joy because you can take a walk in your garden, see your planting space grow and harvest some produce.

4) Recycle food waste

The trick you need to follow in building your own vegetable garden is to recycle your own food waste. Think compost and don’t throw away banana peel, zucchini peel and other tops. Create compost that you then usenatural fertilizer for your garden. Certain wastes also allow you to recreate plantings. This applies to potatoes or even seeds that you can recover from damaged vegetables or that are no longer edible and that make you recycle intelligently.

Authors: Flickr / Timothy Krause

5) It’s fun for kids

If you have a vegetable patch in your garden, it will work to occupy your children and teach them to care for plants. You can really show them small gestures and teach them to grow vegetables or water well. They can see the development of their small tomato plant and eat the strawberries they planted. You can explain to them how the plant is formed and then its fruit. combining theory with practice. It is also possible to manufacture them small creative workshops personalizing old pots. It’s fun to make these little pots look like men so kids have fun watching their little plant grow from their little man’s head! An ingenious way to educate children and make them want to eat the vegetables they care about.

6) Know what to plant and what to eat

What’s interesting when you make your own vegetable garden is that you can decide for yourself what to plant, and this often gives us more choice than in the supermarket. There are so many varieties for a home garden offers the opportunity to find them all. In addition, you get to produce vegetables in the right seasons and consume your production in natural time. Everything you can reap is the natural taste of food because it is picked when ripe. Say goodbye to fruits and vegetables that have been harvested before they reach maturity so that they are not spoiled before they are sold, and greet those who are full of the sun. The taste of a sun-heated strawberry or tomato will make you forget about everything you ate before.

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