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5 worst associations to avoid with vegetables

Just like us, who don’t always get along well with our neighbors, vegetables don’t necessarily like all the vegetables we keep close to them. In permaculture, however, it is often seen that this is not the case make good associations can get nasty results. If you don’t consider camaraderie, your plants may have the same nutritional requirements that compete in the soil. On the contrary, providing good neighbors limits the need to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers for seedlings to thrive. Here are examples of combinations of cultivated plants that should never be done in the rows of your small vegetable garden because of vegetables.

Of course, this is not an exact science. This makes the art of gardening a beauty (but also a difficulty): many parameters come into play. Nevertheless, once the balance is found, how wonderful it is to enjoy what we have grown! In any case, this will not free you from the rotation of cultivation so that you can keep the rich soil cultivated for years to come or to attract certain honey plants that attract pollinators, bees in mind. This intensification of their pollination will benefit your plantings the most!

Associations to be avoided in the vegetable garden:

Not to be combined with garlic

Credit: Pixabay / ulleo

In the garden we recognize many properties. Its sowing helps to protect plants, fruits and vegetables that occur in the vicinity of fungi and insects (colorado potato beetle, carrot flies, aphids, etc.). However, we tend to forget that he has he also needs good neighbors to succeed. In the section of unwanted plants next to garlic we find mainly brassicacees (watercress, cabbage, radish, broccoli, turnip…). However, it is better to keep as far as possible legumes or fabaceae (beans, beans, lentils, lupins, peas, chickpeas and soybeans). In general, legumes are known to get along well with lilies (garlic, asparagus, chives, shallots, onions and leeks). Friend gardener, you have been warned!

Does not pair with eggplant

eggplant slices
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Do you like aubergine a lot? To get it back to you, keep the potato out of it, as it’s a real flea beetle’s nest (harmful insects that are quite destructive to the vegetable spot). Also beware of cucumbers: they spread viruses and diseases quite easily.

Do not combine with potatoes

potatoes potatoes
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The potato is not very tolerant. We don’t always know where to put it to ensure a good harvest. In general, we avoid Solanaceae communities in particular, which include potatoes, but also tomato plants and eggplants. Indeed, they are attractive doryforit, greedy unwanted insects in gardeners’ vegetable gardens! Garlic, coriander or even castor oil is therefore better to drop near the night lines, they are good natural repellents and this promotes the biodiversity of the garden.

Not to be combined with zucchini

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Although cucumbers and zucchini look similar, they don’t go well together in a piece of vegetable. Remember, they have a habit transmit diseases. Also, it is better to avoid planting them together so as not to add unnecessary work to the garden! Also note that zucchini also doesn’t like tomatoes and potatoes very much.

Not to be combined with cucumbers

Credit Information: Pixabay / Monicore

Cucumbers and melons belong to the same family: pumpkins. However, don’t go for it all to put them in the same vegetable garden! There is indeed a risk of cross-fertilization. Doing so with your melon could lend a cucumber to it tasteless or slightly bitter. So if you want to add a sweet, sunny-tasting melon to your fruit salad or aperitif, it’s better to use them distinguish !

Other associations to avoid in the vegetable garden:

-Carrot loves everyone except mint and beets!
– Besides, be careful with beets, which are also hated by spinach.
-If you want to collect a lot of lamb salad, give it space with spinach, cabbage or lettuce.
-Kervilä, cucumber and turnip are radish accidents.
-And to please asparagus, keep garlic, shallots and onions away, but also cabbage and pear.